Jingle bells

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle bells
We are more than happy to ski on a convertible sled
Break through the snowstorm
We sat on a sledge
Speeding over the fields
Has been accompanied by laughter meow songs
Horsetail bell ringing
More joyous spirit
Skiing is really fun tonight


When the mall sounded the first jingle bells
All indicate the cheerful Christmas is coming soon
Christmas tree with lights and gift boxes in the mall
Clear and sweet music box music
Walking hand in hand the sweet couple in the street
Enjoyable family dinner
Every picture makes Christmas full of romantic atmosphere


As a little fairy

Of course, should be pretty over Christmas
It takes only three steps to have a beautiful Christmas
Wear METTE exclusively customized Christmas apparel
Draw a fresh and sweet fairy makeup
Publish all in internet
For Christmas wear
Of course, the red single product is recommended
Cashmere family METTE Christmas series
Into a sweet Christmas element
Coupled with the warm and delicate cashmere
Let this Christmas is not only full of sweet holiday atmosphere
More full of sweet warm intimate feeling


Christmas elk parent-child suits


Passionate orange red covered with white fabric
Such as the flying snow falling on the body
Another example is the twinkling stars falling on the body
Colorful little elk running with pleasure on the chest
As if also because of the warmth brought by cashmere and happy together
Every element is tempting
Warm parent-child suits, closer distance each other
The moment wearing
Generation gap between each other also vanished

Female: 8274116
Children: 8374034


Enthusiastic red line
Mysterious black line with abstinence
It is made of a pair of days
With definitely be able to catching eyes

Jacket: 4274055


Christmas snowflake parent-child suits


Designed for Christmas parent-child suits
Into the Christmas representative of the snowflake pattern
Better express a romantic holiday atmosphere
Even in the snow-free city
You can also imagine a snowball fight in the snow
Small hairball hat and a small streamer on the hat
It is added a lovely feeling
The same style pullovers, scarves, hats with the overall match
With the strong flavor of Christmas

Female: 8274119
Child: 8374041
Hat: 8374039
Scarf: 8374037
Gloves: 8374040


Drilled round neck baby clothes


The colors of Christmas are red and gold
So these two colors together made more Christmas atmosphere
Thick strands of drawn rules are arranged
Not only warm and more innovative
Gold and red match together
Even the mood can be more pleasant together
If there are two little baby at home
This outfit will also make the family travel more eye-catching !


Boys scarves and hats use hit color design
Prominent color mixed quiet calm color
Reduce the boy’s childish, more than a sincere
Girl scarves and hats highlight the sense of lively and lovely
Fluffy balls, arranged in geometric patterns
Different color lines
Outlines a vibrant vitality

Pullover: 8374029
Male hat: 8374032
Male Scarf: 8374033
Female hat: 8374030
Female Scarves: 8374031


Golden Christmas season
Then come a different look
Put on beautiful new clothes
Turn high Christmas together!


Cashmere family METTE
These new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to store selection



Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be rebuilt
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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