As a fashion hot item, striped elements has occupied big market in the clothing industry. Simple stripes not only contains the classic French style, but also suit to the fashion trend in every season, make the dressing keep hot.

Accurately, Striped shirt was born in 1858, due to the stripes in the waves are very eye-catching, and was stationed in the “Little Britain” of the French Navy selected uniforms, so striped shirt is often referred to as sea soul shirt, sailor shirt.

Striped shirt officially entered the fashion industry, from 1917 Chanel launched the sailing series began, people tired of those who have their own table of stiff dress, comfortable and leisure series of the introduction of a series of highly sought after. Since then, this pattern began to become popular fashion circles, opened to dominate the fashion industry evergreen model.

2017 popular elements is precisely the vertical stripes, pure French style filled in the fashion industry, fashionable vision medicine people all over the world and eight wasteland. Cashmere family for you to present our Striped US clothing, spring and summer this year, easy to get classic fashionable wind



4271003 Tibetan blue pants

Vertical stripes bring their own thin ring
The elongated visual effect is more advanced than the stripes
Designed as a nine-point conical pants
Not only self-cultivation, but also create the modern OL image


With a shirt, with a calm temperament
With T-shirt, vest style
Then add a lot of French casual charm


4271017 Vertical striped shorts

7271008 Sky blue dress


Summer must have a single product, shorts
Cool and refreshing, but also easy to show white legs
Vertical striped elements embellished
Inadvertently gather the visual focus
Loose + was thin upper and lower body contrast
Modern clothing natural show


The Combination of Freshness and Rationality in the Summer
To create an elegant French minimalist style
The skirt that is not easy to fly
More low-key feminine taste



8271104 Knitted striped cardigan

Spring and cool weather of the intimate single product
Easy to put on, warm and stylish atmosphere
Placket, cuffs, collar and pocket with tassels as embellishment
Add a lot of sense of detail with the nature
Take a T-shirt, vest, shirt all hold live


8264041 horizontal striped round neck cardigan

Milan stripes color, temperament revealed a modern sense of retro
Striped width naturally achieves a significant visual effect
Slim version of the type, of course, easily with a small pants
Jeans can have a good shape.



8264041 cashmere striped shirt

Can be from the fall has been worn to the spring of practical single product Characteristics of the knitting graphics, outline the elements of fashionable stripes
Two colors can be selected, yellow and black stripes were thin and skin care Red and yellow stripes, add a lot of vitality


8364003 Striped scarf

Scarf elements of the scarf fluttering the wind
Smart and elegant natural show
A scarf wearing a variety of shawls, scarves
Jacket all get, easy to create a chic style

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