North wind sneak into silence, not thick autumn has been the beginning of winter
Two days before the warmer phenomenon
With the beginning of the coming winter is no longer continue
The next weather is like a roller coaster
Cold air brings cooling, rain, windy weather
Cooling, snow, strong winds, the temperature below the freezing point often
Warm wind cold on the front
Cashmere coat will return to sight

Autumn and winter coat is best suited to mix and match stacked wear
In addition to the classic models, the popular color outside
Coats this season also into a more personality
Handsome big lapel, rough wild leopard
Elegant small split, strap design, simple stand collar
European and American Fan, British Fan, or retro or tough
Coat modern variations, impressive

Handsome large lapel


Returning to the big lapel of the return, both piercing the elegant gas field, but also highlights the personal temperament. Bordeaux big lapel coat shows the gas field than the tough military wind clothing to be soft, suitable for a wider range of occasions. This coat with wool material, warm and excellent results. Strap design, sketching out a good body caused by convex. With dresses, retro small boots, full-screen are big legs, elegant yet sexy.


“Autumn charm, taste cashmere.” 2016 autumn and winter new tasting, cashmere family and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China co-operation site, models wearing cashmere family METTE coat catwalk. Bright lights, Jin Yi costumes, tradition and innovation of the intersection is destined to be a spectacular visual feast!

Simple and capable V-neck


Simple V-neck, reveals a strong modern woman competent, classic camel and the perfect combination of black, to create a modern and retro high texture. Inside take the basic paragraph base shirt, black and white gray plaid skirt and black boots, the overall simple atmosphere. Invisible pocket design, proper aristocratic Fan children.


Leopard unruly


Wild uninhibited Leopard, free scattered in the quiet blue-gray tone, bringing visual feast in autumn and winter. Sexy wild Leopard wind blowing, wild publicity, bid farewell to bloated, “leopard grain control” heart love to come, like the big black dress with Slim, but also with pants, gas field full, teach you to change the Queen Fan children, one second to break the winter boring, interpretation of a touch of winter sexy.



Gorgeous colors


Bright colors, as charming as the autumn scenery. Side yellow-green, dark green side, creating a luxurious romantic autumn “impression.” Girlfriends gathering, business commuting, simple and casual mix, modern fashion. Small collar collar design, reveals a simple atmosphere; collar edge, sleeve edge of the collision color package edge design for the coat to add a sense of toughness. Gorgeous seductive color, simple profile shape, bring you warm and luxurious autumn and winter experience!


Luxurious materials, classic colors and popular elements, the perfect combination of superb technology to create a simple atmosphere, modern retro-shaped coat. Sometimes sexy charm, and sometimes self-confident elegance, sometimes not with sex – Variety style, as you happy. Cashmere family METTE 2016 autumn and winter coat season, so you met the most beautiful of their own.

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