Today is the lunar Laba Festival but also. “On seventy-two Hou said:” December Festival “distributed at the beginning of the month, the cold is still small, so. The moon is big men.” It means it is very cold weather, most areas of Chinese enters the lowest temperature in a year. It is over, enter “go out on the ice 39 days.”.

Into the Osamu, the taste is getting stronger, people began to busy writing couplets, cut window grilles, go to buy New Year paintings, lanterns, firecrackers, incense, etc., for the holidays in preparation.

Residents of the daily diet also emphasis on warm food, such as mutton, dog meat, mutton soup which is the most common, and some hotels also introduced angelica ginger mutton soup, some traditional winter lamb dishes reproduce the table, reproduction of Rugao winter snacks.

Osamu, different local folk, drawing a few nine, make up the cream side, eat rice, glutinous rice.

Draw a few nine
In the early years of the Yellow River basin farm every Osamu, every family fashion with “cold map” to cold health.

Eat rice
Osamu eating rice is the custom of old Nanjing. Nanjing people are very concerned about the cold, people will use glutinous rice with ginger, bacon, sausage pieces or duck together with the boiled rice dish.

Eat glutinous rice
Guangzhou tradition, Osamu morning to eat glutinous rice, in order to avoid too waxy, generally 60% glutinous rice 40% fragrant rice, the bacon and sausage chopped fried, fried peanuts, add some crushed light blue, mixed with rice inside to eat. The so-called “39 fill a winter”, but Osamu remember not nourishing.

Laba porridge
Diet, Osamu solar term there is an important folk is to eat “Laba porridge.” Porridge for Gan warm goods, a transfer spleen and stomach, nourishing the blood, the effect of cold and physical fitness.

Osamu health
Osamu is the 24 solar terms when the lowest temperature, health “should not be hot and cold.” Prevent vascular disease and rheumatism, go out and do not wash your hair before going to sleep, adhere to the habit of staying up late to get up early, the proposed white-collar workers in the afternoon after lunch for about half an hour. Eat less Eat hot pot and cool food, eat fish and shrimp.

The coldest solar term is also the highest period of Yin Xie, from the perspective of diet regimen, should pay special attention to eat some warm food to replenish the body, defense against the invasion of cold weather on the human body.

Osamu food for therapeutic recipes:
Angelica ginger mutton soup, walnut cake, loofah tomato porridge, goat red ginseng porridge. Tonic not blindly, tonic mainly for physically weak, blood for physical deficiency, yin deficiency mainly for physical, yang for yang constitution.

In recent days, light rain Osamu, fog cooling in most areas, gradually getting into the winter. At this time body care cold, warm not slack, warm can be worn close to wearing cashmere sweater, warm and comfortable, Waichuan cashmere coat, coat, etc., but also wear a matching scarf and coats, so you both warm and type!
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