Every woman needs a worn out of the back of the shawl, why, the reason is very simple, the more decorative things can reflect a person’s taste. My style is the revival of the road, the revival of nature, a variety of attempts to try, cashmere shawl nature is one of the. Woman is not because of the beautiful and lovely, but because of the lovely and beautiful, to know that the inherent quality of the external appearance, no matter what the time will be more able to withstand the test of time. Cashmere scarf, cloak style and simple color, feminine, teach people to love.
In fact, on how to wear a shawl and there is no uniform standard, so the shawl can also be played by the ladies at will. Regardless of the choice of how to put on the body, in short, must be looks with natural, not too rigid, so to wear a shawl distinctive temperament.
To be the shawl was willful and domineering, you can try them with something fashionable. The method is very simple, the shawl is neatly covered on the body, with a thin belt, warm and stylish, cold winter is the lack of this little novelty.


A speaking of shawls, mind is always the first to think of diamond, grid, striped these elements, inherent in the concept to our memory of the Cape to stereotypes, it is time for the with a solid color refresh of Cape impression.


For the style of the revival of the group, the occasional attempt to calm the type of atmosphere is also a good choice. Based on Grey Plaid shawl, bring their own luxury aura, low-key revealed a elegant qualities, and winter is and no less than the fit between.


The cold winter day, access to indoor and outdoor Rainbow Night environment, in what seems to be quite embarrassing. Fortunately, there is a scarf, a shawl, can be made one. Indoor warm, as a shawl with, outdoor cold, as a scarf with.

In the spring and Autumn period, when you worry about your coat, you might be able to give the girls a lot of new ideas and inspirations. Feel their own wear without the temperament? May wish to try to improve the use of a shawl, you will find that you can look so elegant.

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