Goodbye October, Hello November
Cashmere family METTE is about to usher in four stores grand opening celebration
Ningbo, Chengdu, Shenyang
The scenic seaside city of Ningbo
Warehouse city(rich people and resources) of Chengdu
Handsome Young men in Northeast camp Shenyang
Every city is so mesmerizing
So many new stores are coming soon
Welcome come and visit

Cashmere family METTE

Ningbo Drum Tower Store
9th, Zhongshan West Road, Ningbo
Opening date: November 5th

Ningbo Drum Tower shop
Metro Line 1 and 2 Golden Triangle area
Adjacent to Yongfeng library ruins park
Hang Lung Center Plaza more
Eat and play play fun everything taste
Convenient transportation, the scenery is pleasant
Is the weekend go out to play the best choice

Exquisite display
Is the display division of the pursuit of excellence
Every detail is exhausted
Warm light
Advanced texture
All the details are so high quality and high standards

There are many colors of life
Every color is
Interpretation of life
Or warm, or low profile, or high profile

Shenyang Taiyuan Street shop
Address / Address
Heping District, Shenyang China Road 65
Opening hours: Please look forward to


Chengdu Cao City Street shop
Address / Address
Qingyang District, Chengdu grass Street No. 38 attached to the first floor 3-1
Opening hours: Please look forward to



Chengdu sheep rhino interchange shop
Address / Address
Jinniu District, Chengdu Shu Han Road 355
Opening hours: Please look forward to