Summer, annoying cicadas people upset, people feel gloomy rain rolling, even on a sunny day shining sun dizzying summer so impatient, you need a touch of warm yellow Yutie soul, bring Healing style. Wind light cooked warm yellow dress, beautiful and understated, elegant but not gorgeous, quiet intellectual, years of quiet people feel good.
The Dress, strap skateboard design, skirt fishtail skirt, strong sense of design, keep them coming reports, the most important is the warm yellow was white Oh! Imported high-grade chiffon fabric, do not fade, do not wrinkle! Although the Slim models, but the version is not the kind of the kind of tight, and slightly elastic fabric!

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Simply for the summer warm yellow and green colors, especially beautiful retro small yellow flowers, and was white, but not exposed chest sexy design, can adjust itself, A word design, very slim oh! Sleeve design, just covered worship meat, very carefully. Wearing ta go to the beach, it is a better choice!

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Good positive yellow, loose V-neck do not pick people, great brand, unique Fan! Design sleeves, very loose, you can hide behind the summer, most do not want to see the worship meat. Loose version, there is little stomach, put ta also does not look like. Slippery silk chiffon fabric, and then for the summer, however.

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Mix mash baseball shirt type version, sporty and urban style combined interpretation of the most fashionable version. Fabric wear comfortable, drape! Wide big, over a range of children.

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Very special color, a little Indian style, moderate yellow bottom with a thin cloth printing ta, floating, and touch in the hands of a relatively good sense of slip, and ramie did. Through must be bottoming, drawstring waist, low waist is loose in the crotch, very wide.

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Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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