Green cotton fabric, breathable, feel good, comfortable to wear, with the arrival of hot summer weather is getting hot, temperatures are getting higher and higher, since this feature cotton fabric, making summer hot weather consumption who’s heart good. But natural fabrics intensive care to long-term wear. Cotton, hemp, cotton fabric clothes exactly how to care? Will not shrink? Can machine wash? What detergents etc., I believe these are the issues we are more concerned about the popularity of this small series give you knowledge about the daily care cotton clothing.

Washing clothes on cotton

In general, the best choice for cotton clothes hand wash, do not use the washing machine, because cotton is soft, stir rejection if forced to use a washing machine, easily deformed, creased, washing machine would seriously bad. If there is no time and energy to select washing machine, clothes should be good on clothing laundry bag, then use the washing machine gentle wash stall.


Cotton clothes of different colors have different washing method, white cotton clothes more easily wash more yellow, you can boil water, cook about half an hour added to the laundry, the laundry can guarantee white as ever; black cotton clothes may be discolored and can the last rinse water, add some strong coffee or tea to make it back.

Washing Tips

✰✰ shades of color clothes should be washed separately to avoid cross color. Washing time should not exceed 30 minutes.

✰✰ first washing will be out floating color, you can add a spoonful of salt in the water to solid colors.

✰✰ cotton clothing should not be soaked for too long, washed with cold water, the wash water; especially colored cotton clothes do not soak with hot water, are prone to fading.

✰✰ use neutral detergent or special liquid detergent, such as linen and other special detergents. Disable the use of chlorine, an enzyme detergent.

✰✰ hemp fiber rigid, saturation is poor, washing some lighter than cotton, should not use a stiff brush and rub hard to prevent fabric pilling.

✰✰ washing can not wring prevent hemp fiber sliding, thereby affecting the appearance and the degree of wear.

Notes drying and day care

After washing ✦ done, do not exposure to sunlight. Washed in the wind long dry, dry naturally.


✦ To wear effect more perfect, it is recommended to wear before ironing, cotton clothing is generally used in 160 ℃ -180 ℃ temperature ironing.

✦ When drying, should lapel collar and seams of clothing, etc. leveled pull very, drying in the sun can be, but not too long exposure time, which will reduce its service life, resulting in clothes fade or turn yellow.

When ✦ everyday wear, should be avoided or acid stained stains cause corrosion damage thereby affecting their life.

✦ natural cotton does not wrinkle, casual cotton wrinkle is the temperament. Take care of them the best way is to spray some water vapor partial use of their natural drape, until the water level of the dry clothes also.


Fluid storage container

Summer rainy season, cotton clothes washed, dried and ironing to be stacked flat; after drying, depth of color clothing kept separate from each other in order to avoid staining. When not wearing clothes dry cleaned should be hung, or with a special cotton clothing storage bag wrapped, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place to prevent causing moldy. Avoid humid, hot, non-ventilated environment and keep the closet clean, damp especially in summer, pay attention to check and proper drying.


Cotton clothes shrink how to solve?

Cotton clothing will shrink, and shrinkage of about 5%, so be gentle when washing, do not rub hard. Non-drying dehydration, doing laundry easy to deform.


1. In a pot filled with warm water, then add some baby shampoo or shower gel, mixing well. Then shrink clothes immersed in water, soak for 5 minutes.

2. Remove the clothes, squeezed water, then flat on a dry towel, roll it up together towels and clothing.

3. Open the towel after a few minutes remove clothing, stretched to the appropriate size, not stretching deformation caused by excessive clothing, and normal to dry.

4. After the above steps, you can achieve the effect of relaxation has shrunk plant fibers, so shrunk clothes restitution.

After reading about these common sense linen care washing up posture is not it? You do not have to worry about it for the daily maintenance of those baby! Cotton, natural and bring you comfort, but it also requires that you carefully gentle care. We hope that the current popularity can bring you convenience and reduce unnecessary annoyance and loss.


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