The search for a wardrobe of perfect staples continues, and the weather today is so crisp and cool that I just had to go with the loveliest sweater fabric of them all: Cashmere.

cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater is going to cost you more than a cotton one, but it’s a worthwhile sartorial investment. Not only is cashmere warm in winter and cool in spring, but it grows softer with age and won’t pill like cheaper sweaters do. Cashmere doesn’t wrinkle, and it feels amazing on bare skin. The following sweaters are soft and pretty enough to keep you warm wherever this winter takes you.


All Apparel above can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

Springair 2016 summer new available now

For more US clothing details, please consult accesible

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