Silk alias “natural silk”, is the main raw material for silk weaving clothing. It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and proteins, the human body has a good nutrition and health care. Silk clothing washed and correct maintenance is very important, otherwise it will affect the life of silk clothing.

Washing method

  • Not wearing too long, promptly wash.
  • Negative washing: Add a small amount of neutral detergent in cold water, first hand before being placed in the laundry detergent in water after the stir; clothes soaked in water for no more than five minutes.
  • Gentle hand wash, do not wring dry the back; if not ironing, when you can be clothing Qicheng dry to touch flat.
  • Iron or iron should not be directly used in bright light (sun light) under the brunt, for ironing, you should use a clean cloth mat in thin clothing, low temperature ironing, hang in the cool air, natural wind to dry good.
  • Pure silk surface contaminants is not easy, so cleaning with cold or warm water within 30 ℃, adding cold wash fine or a mild detergent, gently rub can, washed reusable fabric softener do softening.
  • When washing silk, if they can add a teaspoon of vinegar in the water, the fabric more color guangyan light after the wash. It has slight yellowing can add 3 ~ 4cc vinegar when washing, soak for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • Simply wash if crepe hangers hanging, cool place to dry naturally, such as low temperature applications to be ironed, but with a piece of cloth Pressing.
  • Dark clothing and light-colored clothing must be washed separately to avoid staining each other.
  • Dry to Bacheng dry temperature ironing, wrinkles best ironing tails, maintain luster, avoid water, avoid water stain marks.



Remember not to use washing powder, laundry soap, soap powder, soap and other alkaline detergents; can not be mixed with other clothes to wash.

Maintenance methods

  • Because silk fabric moisture absorption, it must be stored in a dry place sheltered from light.
  • May be appropriate to put some insect repellent, insect repellent cloth must be used, do not direct contact with clothing.
  • As a long time do not wear, it can be wrapped cloth, clothing and other open-minded, appropriately out ventilation to prevent moldy.
  • Silk clothing is best mounted storage, keep dry.



Purchase silk clothing should pay attention to the size larger than the original purchase their own 2 to 4 centimeters, so comfortable to wear and easy to damage the silk protein fibers.

How to do When hook Silk


Processing Tip one:

First place with a small wire hook scissors carefully subtract wire head, then pull it by hand on both sides, leveled. Silk is very easy to hook wire, because a single wire is very fine, hair is only one of a dozen points, so be careful, do not go hand stroking the skin rough spots.

Processing Tip two:

The most common silk breakage, so-called “hook wire.” For some delicate light fabrics, just a little burr on the fingernails, will lead to snag phenomenon, so in everyday wear silk dress pants, and should be avoided whenever possible and rough objects rubbing together. For example, through the green clump, next to the bike, sitting bench midnight must be careful, these are especially easy to make your clothing is silk hook wire.

Processing Tip three:

Light silk fabric intolerance, especially bogey when exposed to strong sunlight ultraviolet rays, so the daily storage, must be placed at the matt. This effectively prevents problems hanging silk mulberry silk fabrics, silk wrinkle easily, so easily stored Roberts, try to avoid a lot of clothes stacked on each other. If it is elastic fabric, the whole Qi Houping should fold on the top; if it is after the inelastic fabric should hang into the wardrobe.

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