Soft and warm
Cashmere family METTE CASHMERE

As a nobility in all fabrics
weave/knit it with various of art drawing textures
Cashmere has become the king of autumn and winter clothing
Cashmere family METTE sincerely recommend for you
Four sets of most in the fall and winter cashmere wear

1 Slim dress full of romantic and smooth temperament!

Slim dress always has a classic beauty of the elegant romantic, such as cheongsam lines, to show the soft curves of women, popular from the Republic of China so far, it is this more simple beauty can withstand the test of time. The texture of the honeycomb gives it a high quality texture and a light extravagant style. Seemingly simple shape, but contains a can not be underestimated the inherent energy.

ID: 8274013

100% cashmere, noble deep purple, micro-La cuffs, the buckle of the bag, Slim straight version of the type, as well as pure hand tangled hit lines, like the finishing touch, all the whole clothes to enhance the vitality The Whether it is cold weather as a ride or when the temperature is slightly hot when the single wear is simple, without losing the temperature to wear choice.

Outside the coat recommended

Classic plaid double-sided cashmere coat, simple but not simple. Superb technology and three-dimensional cut of the integration, to create a high-quality texture. Straight shape, more thin, more tall. The perfect embodiment of a professional women’s inner cultivation and external courage.

ID: 6274019

2 Very wide dress full of business elite Fan children!

Wool blended material, feel soft and flexible. Focus on the shape of very wide. More business atmosphere, to show the urban women are not indecisive temperament. Whether it is living in the workplace or amateur life, all represent the beauty of independent women. Pure smoke gray, like black and white, classic pure, popular natural.

ID: 6274001

Smooth and smooth, fine texture of the fabric, a good drape, simple micro A version of the profile, fashion and stable, whether it is to take a white shirt or directly as a base to take a coat, can take into account the fashion and temperature.

Outside the coat recommended

100% cashmere, round neck jacquard design weaving out of the mountain pattern, with a more simple way of life let us enjoy life, the nature and urban style reasonable combination, showing the modern colorful way of life and love of nature. Simple double-breasted plus bag design, waist quadruple belt, or make a bow, or direct waist wear can show soft body.

ID: 8274057


3 Hit the color pullover still occupy the home of fashion!

Gentle moonlight white, like a group of gentle light, like the sun continue to emit heat, people unwittingly want to close, you want to touch it warm. Attached to the light in the different kind of color, for that touch of white brought a life. This is the charm given by Moonlight White.

ID: 8274048

100% cashmere, hem gray and blue collision between the color stripes is its design highlights. Full of warm winter atmosphere and deep Nordic style. Single wear to show young and dynamic, the weather is slightly cold outside the coat, it is warm to share.

Outside the coat recommended

A piece of clothing, nine different colors, through the grid alternately together, each color intertwined to give life too much definition, and each definition is a yearning for good life and cry.

ID: 8274090


4 Simple simple color is simple!

Calm atmosphere of the possession of blue, “simple fashion, taste of life”, showing a modern independent women in the release of pressure to pursue success while enjoying the taste of this high taste of life.

ID: 8274056

100% cashmere, irregular polygonal strip design, bring the perfect visual impact and break the attitude of self-life. Large round neck collar rotten sleeve, show you perfect swan neck curve. Simple and generous style, single wear or outside the coat, shawl is a good choice Oh

Outside the shawl recommended

100% cashmere fabric, jacquard mountain shape shawl, through the color depth changes to form a mountain-shaped pattern, enhanced fashion sense. Two-color tassel hand-wear system, fine knotted, every detail of the design is the realism of nature.

ID: 8374017


Want to always keep full of charm,
To cashmere the family METTE selected seasonal products,
Let the fashion character in the daily also distributed infinite charm.


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Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be re-built
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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