Colorful September, cool autumn, cashmere family METTE 2017 years of new series of winter and autumn has been on the new, and our designers team is also in full swing to prepare for the next quarter of new product development. Today, we had a brief conversation with Alessandra, the designer of the cashmere family METTE, to discuss the new features of this year’s autumn and winter.

About clothing

Q: what is the difference between the new series this year and the previous year?
A:’s new autumn and winter this year, still maintain our consistent Italian style, elegant and simple design style. Compared to previous years, in color, we use this new international popular color, dark grey, olive green, the overall style will be more calm atmosphere. On the elements, plaid and stripes remain the hot elements of the year.

In the materials and technology, this year through the efforts of the whole team, we developed a series of special composite yarn, which are used in the development of this year’s coat, knitted by different process parameters design, the entire coat showing a woven garment silhouette and style, in the shape of three-dimensional model. And the ratio of woven coat is softer and more comfortable, more a sense of quality.

At the same time, this year we have introduced a classic hand bar pin series, which is very recommended to our loyal customers and friends.

Q: where did your design come from?
A: design inspiration is a very abstract thing, many times it is a product of the moment, but it is mainly derived from observation and Weakness lends wings to rumours., perception of life.
Sometimes, a romantic flowers, a cup of strong coffee, or a new movie, is likely to trigger brain cells, at this time, I will record it immediately, and then improve.

Q: this year’s clothing, what do you want to convey to everyone?
A: comfort is life. In today’s fast-paced life, comfort is just like a dose of medicine for compression at various occasions, the business elite or housekeeping full-time wives slow down the burden, let everyone have a more relaxed attitude to life, it has always been my design concept.
Even business type clothing design, I do not pursue excessive luxury. I would think more about the comfort of the wearer, whether it is the design of the version, the choice of raw materials, or the use of color, with a comfortable, commuting, low-key, but not quality based tone.

About life

Q: as a designer, how do you balance the relationship between work and family?
A: can realize the individual value, the family can get a sense of belonging, I think the work is for a better life, both of them are very important. In order not to allow work to occupy family time, the most important thing is to improve themselves and team work efficiency, reduce communication costs and rework rate, and avoid blind overtime.

Q: what do you like to do on weekends except work?
A: I treasure the weekend break, enjoy family time with my lover, or go shopping with two or three friends and go shopping, it’s a very comfortable life. Sometimes it’s fun to have a few friends over to taste wine, just like reading a book.

Q:, as a designer of cashmere family METTE, what would you like to send to our customer friend?
A: I think clothing is an art, like painting, music, dance, can give a person a kind of beauty, choose to wear what kind of clothes like the choice of what kind of makeup, different style of clothing, can show a different temperament. Do not blindly pursue popular, fashionable, suitable for their own is the best.

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Italian design based on simple fashion
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