Cashmere coat is very expensive, basically the price is more than a thousand. Cashmere coat washing requirements are very high, improper washing methods, will make the loss of cashmere coat original characteristics and changed beyond recognition.

The past two years, warm and comfortable double-sided cashmere coat became the new darling of the fashion circle. From two cashmere fabric suture made of double-sided cashmere, can not find any seam of the thread, is a low-key luxury. And its cleaning is more stringent.

Double-sided cashmere is not recommended for washing, because washing will lead to double-sided cashmere coat shrinkage, deformation, it is recommended to send a professional dry cleaners for cleaning, and the frequency of cleaning should not be too frequent to reduce the damage to cashmere.

The dry cleaning is expensive, if only a slight stain or James ash, etc., can also use their own home at the following method of cleaning double-sided cashmere coat.

Their own dry cleaning at home
1. Tile the double-sided cashmere coat on the table to prepare a thicker towel.
2. The towel on the water soaked into the semi-dry, on the double-sided coat on it.
3. Elastic slapping with a hand or a thin stick, so that the dirty coat inside the double coat was sucked into the towel.
4. And then wash the towel, so repeated several times.
5. If the double-sided cashmere coat creases can be hair ironing, and finally hung in the ventilation to dry.
Note: double-sided cashmere coat before ironing to see the coat of washing water standard, to confirm whether you can iron, and ironing the maximum temperature is. Many brands of double-sided cashmere coat can only steam iron. And, in the ironing when the wet towel, 1.5 or 2cm from the ironing can reduce the double-sided cashmere coat damage.

Wash your own home

If the double-sided cashmere coat marked washing can be washed, then you can follow the following method of cleaning:
1, first hand to double-sided cashmere coat on the dust, or a special cashmere coat dust removal tool to remove certain dust.
2, the amount of warm water or cold water, water at least not overcoat.
3, in the water by adding neutral detergent or natural soap, the amount can not be too much. Avoid using enzymes or with bleaching of chemical additives and lotion and shampoo to prevent erosion fade. (If soiled badly, soak in soapy water with foam at 35 ° C for 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
4, hand gently rubbing, not rubbing, so as to avoid the ball or felting.
5, with 35 ℃ -40 ℃ warm water washing two or three times, the last of the water can put some vinegar or softener, feel better.
6, to wash a good double-sided cashmere coat hand squeeze the water out.
7, and then tile dry, do not hang dry, so as not to deformation. If there is no tiling space, use two or more hangers to hang the double-sided cashmere coat.
8, double-sided cashmere coat if you do not wear it, you can put a plastic bag hanging in the closet can be stored well.

Double-sided cashmere coat washing taboo:

1, double-sided cashmere fabric is not alkali, neutral detergent should be used, it is best to use wool special detergent.
2, cold water soak for a short time, washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.
3, the use of squeeze wash, avoid twisted twist, squeeze water, flat dry or half dry hanging, do not exposure.
4, high-grade wool or wool and other fibers blended clothing, it is recommended the best dry cleaning.
5, should not use the washboard scrubbing.

Double-sided cashmere coat maintenance methods:

1, regular cleaning of clothing on the dust
Double-sided cashmere through, easy to stained with dust, it is best removed as soon as possible. Once the dust is difficult to remove, can not use a very hard brush, it is best to use ash to the roller.
2, remove the folds
Double-sided cashmere coat to give enough humidity, you can level the folds of clothing. Can be steam iron to low temperature state, from the double-sided wool coat 1 ~ 2cm at the ironing; can also be a white towel on clothes and then ironing, so that will not hurt fabric fibers, will not stay Under the ironing marks.
3, to keep dry, anti-moth
Through the double-sided cashmere coat, may have absorbed the body’s perspiration, should be a good place to dry in a well ventilated, and then close up. If it is placed in the cabinet, it is recommended to put some desiccant to keep dry and avoid mold.

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