Women want to look thin, in addition to the “tube mouth”, “step leg”, the have a good ride skills, timely cover the shortcomings of the body is the wit Girl ~
1. Neck reveals temperament


Want to have to rely on the temperament of the neck, neck short of people avoid neckline high clothes, should choose V-or U-shaped collar, gas field instantly different.

2. Waistline determines everything


Want to show the first high meaning is the waist to be high, which is a good proportion of the key to adjust the body! Waist short legs have to get together, more choice of some waist pants, skirts, both to highlight the figure, but also elongated figure, serve two purposes!

3. Shoulder line is the key
Girls in the choice of clothes, be sure to remember the shoulder and tight tolerance, with shoulder pads, should be relaxed, drape flu clothes.


4. Select the jacket to be careful

Want to be tall and thin In addition to the length of clothing there is clothing! Although the cocoon coat is hot, but the curved line will make the visual center of gravity by the next, can not be well modified stature.


5. exposed ankle is effort

The slender ankle will make your legs appear to be more slender, trousers can be appropriate part of the trousers rolled, a small effort to make you look more thin! Wear flat shoes to remember to do so!


6. Choose 10 pounds thin stripes


Contrast can be found, thin stripes will be more thin than the wide stripes! So the “horizontal stripes were fat,” the argument is not entirely correct, it depends on whether it is wide stripes or fine stripes.



7. High heels are artifacts


Above the figure “to minimize the shortcomings, the advantages of maximizing” rule
Have you all learned?

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