A girl from the middle of the French mainland,
She was taken to an orphanage with her sister,
Expect her father to come to see her every week,
But father never come.

Countless disappointments have made her an independent character,
As she grew up, she lived by sewing,
While singing in the bar to make money.
Later,  met Duke Bazan due to the song
Made her enter the colorful fashion circle……

You should know the movie of “fashion pioneer Chanel”,
The film is about the struggles of Chanel.

Unwilling to be born poor fate,
Uneasy about being a vase lady,
With a different neutral dress, shirt + suit,
Stand out from common women.

Dressed in a textured white shirt, intently sewing,
The sun radiates golden light through the textured shirt,
At this moment, she was concentrated and charming.

The highest appearance rate is white shirt in the film,
No matter it’s to wear or match a waistcoat or a suit,
All reveal the new charm of independent women.
The white shirt seemed to witness
The legendary life of the “fashion pioneer”.

2017 cashmere family METTE autumn new products,
Designed to hail the pioneers,
Inspired by the spirit of independence
Build early autumn white shirt series,
Good wrinkle resistance brought non-ironing wearing experience,
Shine another urban lady’s confidence aura.

Style one: European style retro style

Top: 4274061 Bottom: 3274004

If minimalist shirts are drab,
Then choose this popular shirt,
Simple and elegant style
With the double placket and champagne gold buttons,
Highlight the noble European style retro temperament.

High quality fabric with high crease resistance,
Bring the DP wearing experience,
A temporary business trip or a busy office hour,
With it, without pressure in the workplace.

Style two: exquisite lively

Top: 4274062
A more elaborate and lively shirt,
Import lace and lotus leaf stitching design,
Reveal an elegant femininity,
Inject a new sense of freshness into the monotony of workplace life.

Smooth, silky fabric, comfortable to wear.
The lithe shirt flows naturally with the step,
Like the spring breeze, tender and delicate.

Style three: elegant temperament

Top: 4274058

If you think the traditional square collar shirt is too formal?,
A soft round neck shirt.
Appropriately present your approachable side,
Maybe it will simplify the workplace problem.

Placket applied by lace as decoration,
Added a sense of detail to the shirt,
The ornament of the only champagne gold button,
Exquisite elegance.

Four styles: wear real all-match

Top: 3274003

This series of the most all-match a shirt,
Placket and V collar double lotus leaf edge design,
Showing a lively feminine flavour.

In the long section design, not only for the tuck in wearing trousers,
In autumn and winter, coat and fur,
It’s easier to create a sense of hierarchy,
With a scarf, fashionable UP.

White shirt series is now fully listed
Welcome come to the store to pick the right one

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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