Natural, elegant, subtle, noble
This is the essence of British style
Precise tailoring
Design simple slim
The use of classical elements
Smooth and clean, there are cavity tune the collocation
Create elegant & charming gentleman style

V stack collar male Pullover

Highlight the mature and stable color
The rough and coarse knitting brought
Sense of history and vicissitudes of life
Conveys rich human feelings
V collar + fold
Classic British collar
More than one delicate and refined
With a button decoration
To highlight the details of the fine
The cuffs and hem of the color design
Original and taste

Blue, wine red, mature and tasteful
In the gray, elegant style
Leisure is also the workplace
Refined also type
Formal business occasions to attend the workplace
Party entertainment entertainment occasions
Distribution of the unique charm of men

Round neck striped men pullover

The whole use of Tibetan blue
Dimensional sense of design and full of the strip
Giving cashmere sweater more casual
The classic coarse knit round neck style
But also highlights the mature male charm

Dressed in a cashmere
In the earth and the natural temperature
Feel the warmth it brings to the body
Taste fashion brings life surprises
Show the charm of urban men’s elegance

Hit the edge of V male collar Pullover

The basic models of male Pullover
The collar have unique hit color design
Shoulder bag jacquard
Make simple basic changes
Zhu feise / indigo color options
In a low-key and traditional bloom
The quality of the metrosexual man elegant temperament

Traditional three button
Very suitable for home dress
With mature gentleman introverted
Basic models
Comfortable and close to the people
Need to pay attention to
V collar, does not recommend long neck gens wearing
Because V collar and low understanding look your neck longer

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