When Ching Ming Festival gone, most area of China get warmer, flowers bloom, spring and summer feeling comes. However, in this full of poetic world April days, the temperature difference between day and night still big, weather still cooling , and occasionally turn to autumn and winter weather.

Spring and summer alternating season, it is necessary to wear elegant and decent, but also have wear in warm temperament is a big issue for ladies. Fashion circles of the influx of people have also frowned out of the street, interpret dissolving the embarrassment of the fashionable style of clothing.

Dress, shirt, thin jacket to wear their own “routine”, with clothing decorate themselves, within the repair talent, repair temperament, inadvertently reveal the noble charm. Cashmere family bring you to explore the fashionable elegance “routine”, easy to cross the embarrassing season of dressing.

Skirt fluttering is a style for elegant walking

Hidden to long in winter, ladies can not wait to wear a skirt to show elegance really self. Short-sleeved dress is too cold, long-sleeved dress just right, but the sun is a natural physical sunscreen single product.

Fashion circle of textbooks said: a woman must have a little black dress, this little black dress is not the focus of the summer, but in the season when you are not ordinary to the elegant. Minimalist black lines, smooth lines, naturally reveal the high quality texture.

That touch of fresh blue, erase the hot summer and summer, look at the mood will be smooth. Want to wear it walk in the crowd, inadvertently gift you pure che happy.

Inside: 3271012 Outside: 7271009

Suddenly cool the rainy day or cool cool evening, coupled with this possession of the windbreaker, to your home in general intimate warm, the same color wear, fashion value increases unabated.

Shirt | fashion circles regulars
>>> SHIRT <<<

Has been walking in the fashion side of the shirt, how to wear classic but when. With trousers, skirts, shorts, etc., spring and summer season, easy to wear out their own style.

Top: 7271014 bottom: 7271005

Summer decorated with colorful life, bright orange, youthful vitality, the yellow family of the gospel, skin care effect praised, with shorts or semi-skirt easily hold live.

Top: 3271001 Bottom: 2272006

A little sweet, little girl feelings, far from looking fresh, brilliant. With nine pants slightly exposed calf, was thin ing; want to charm feminine, with skirt fluttering skirt easy get.

Thin coat | as you like warm intimate
>>> THINCOAT <<<

Like wanton suits, wearing stress-free, but pampering their own body is equally important. Facing the big temperature difference season weather, prepare thin coat, temperament and warmth both correct.

Outside: 6261505 Inside: 6261504 Bottom: 7260005

Light, elegant, naturally showing a comfortable and comfortable style. Cardigan irregular hem design, time-consuming materials to create a personalized fashionable style, take the T-shirt or dress easily decorated into modern light goddess.

Outside: 3260010 Inside: 3260042

Elegant skirt, walking room full of feminine charm, white suit is capable, dignified incarnation, the two clever fusion, decorate the new image of urban women, this spring and summer, it is beautiful different.

Outside: 2260003 Bottom: 7260041

Bright spring and summer, with fresh mint green decorated with a better life, cashmere family mint green suit sleeves suit, seasonal weather, take a light-colored shirt, T-shirt or thin cardigan, shopping, workplace, home wear no worries.

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