Two weeks ago, We post an article “Fashion frontier, Focus on 2016/17 fall and winter couture week”. This article will continue to publish about the winter popular trend reports. It is implied that cool autumn is coming soon. Wholesalers and distributors are caring about the apparel fashion of this fall and winter, what are the pop-stars wearing in the cool season? Let’s review the trends and popular elements who are chasing for.

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Lotus leaf edge

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Exquisite falbala, decoration in clothing, romantic feelings vividly presented. Women no matter what age, have maintained a young girl’s heart. Who says with elegant texture of the lotus leaf edge decoration only suitable for spring and summer seasons? In autumn and winter a little thick clothes with lotus leaf edge decoration also do not have style.

Red model

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Probably no color is more attractive than red! In the past two years, the popularity of the whole body gray or black wear, the momentum will be reduced this year, the whole body red with the gradual return to the popular stage. The red shape from Alessandro Michele to Gucci T stage, models are the body Head-to-toe, to you interpretations of what is called “fire”!

Printing element

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Yes, these two years of fashion is popular all kinds of printing. Piccione.Piccione2016 winter Milan fashion week, the show released new. The printing elements occupy the half of the country, each with a women’s design is so fashionable, into the printing, embroidery elements, make clothing more add beauty.

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Vivetta quarter on the catwalk printing element is also the 2016 winter is about to pop one of the elements, full of fantasy dress flagship, pondering combined with strong design and sweet skirt, forming a visual impact of the United States.

Deep V modeling

V deep neckline must not repeat, elongated neck lines can be modified face, is recognized as a “senior” collar. This season, deep V collar is still popular. Tommy Hilfiger deep V silk dress really flawlessly, the curves of female beauty incisively and vividly, what are you waiting for, hurriedly copy to wear.

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Geometric patterns

Burch Tory once again to prove his strong design skills and philosophy. Exquisite material, color and mosaic design applied to Tory Burch through the winter this year, vitality.

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Geometric composition technique, the fabrics with different by different means of color stitching, no doubt this design will naturally in the winter of flashed a “palette” of the landscape. Sometimes it is these small details of the decoration, so that the entire series of complicated Jane, well-proportioned.

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The designer of this season with lace and embroidery created a retro feast. Streamlined skirt hem split skirt and irregular Monique Lhuillier this season full of vitality. Sexy and elegant lace blouse and skirt pants, knee perfect collocation, as a series of single product most to steal the spotlight.

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Fashion Week show comparable to legend films, or novel avant garde, or modern, or classic and practical, a variety of dazzling shape is big models t machine interpretation. Master the trend of the fall and winter of this year, will not be in the future for you to buy clothes in the process of providing inspiration and ideas?

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