Black and white

Classic black and white,
Is the master of the color world,
Such as the dazzling light in the dark night,
Cross-age black,
Mysterious and creative,
When the elegant sexy black and pure
Transparent white encounter collision,
Bring the beauty of the atmosphere of pure and neat,
Visual impact directed at people.

Top: 5271025
Half skirt: 5271024

Quiet night,
Mysterious, sexy, charming,
Full of charm, hidden strength,
Turned into a sexy black swan,
Enchanting, elegant and confident.
Compatible with unlimited potential,
Stand out clearly, highlight the personality.
It can be used as any kind
Color harmony,
Majestic, compatible with the package.

Shirt Collar Dress: 5271024

Ivory white
Simple, generous, elegant,
White and flawless, clear and transparent.
Giving a sense of light and sacredness.
White clean and pure,
There is no color to be with it
Comparable to.
Black and white combination of the fashion industry
Two great gods,
Seemingly simple, but in reality is infinite change.

Top: 3271001
Pants: 2272006

Cashmere family METTE 2017 early spring series
From the colorful spring
Nature draws inspiration for nature,
Learn 2017 spring and summer international trends,
So that the new season’s single product vitality,
More beautiful, natural, full of imagination.
In the colorful palette,
Black and white is never fade classic,
Throughout, proudly independent!

Top: 5271028
Pants: 4271002

The ultimate black and white series,
To cotton, linen, silk, wool velvet
Mercerized wool and other raw materials,
Style types,
Details are full of change.
The special process of worsted from the heavy silk,
Crisp, not shrinking, easy to care;
Compared to cashmere more smooth and delicate wool velvet,
With full of artistic atmosphere of the hollow design,
More suitable for spring and summer wear;

Also try to use the new yarn,
Extremely flexible,
Highlight the beauty of women’s curves.
Texture more delicate worsted yarn,
So that the new season of spring and summer single product more varied.
New Japan imported fabrics,
With good resilience, can not afford static electricity,
Strong sense of texture, good ventilation,
Soft touch and other advantages.

Top: 5271025
Scarf: 8364059

Classic black and white series
Simple atmosphere, full of modern,
To self-confidence elegant posture,
Live out of this unique age.
Elegant and generous at the same time,
Full sense of detail,
Artisans use the details of each ingenuity,
Amway has every dress and life
Meticulous attentive attitude
Urban charm female.

Top: 4271023
Pants: 7271011

Natural beige / apricot charm
Gentle beige implicit introverted and elegant,
Is a rare black and white world warm colors.
To develop women’s romantic soft,
Very suitable for the season of spring.
Sexy hollow knitting exquisitely scattered,
Bring gentle gentle lady STYLE,
And black eight-leg wide leg pants
Bringing modern and elegant urban winds.

Threaded Dress: 3271041

Simple linear printing,
Capable air collar collar,
Elegant skirt,
Romantic soft lotus leaf side,
Elegant romantic hollow design,
The ultimate black and white,
Will be simple and memorable minimalist
Interpretation to the extreme.
Cashmere family METTE is also given black and white
Stylish and simple charm.
Called the eternal classic between the inch!
Figure: Cashmere family official offer
(Non-product images from the network)

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