Purchasing Festival double eleven( 11th of NOV ) has just passed by
Purchasing Festival double twelve( 12th of DEC ) already started indiscriminate bombing
Various business gimmicks swarmed into the retina nerves
Inattentive blinded eyes
However, stop and think carefully
What should we invest in autumn and winter?
Think about it, it is a very valuable cashmere sweater
Each five goat villi can be woven into
100% cashmere sweater
Coupled with sophisticated unique design
Warm and soft look
And in stark contrast to bleak autumn and winter
Whether it is practical or value or popularity
Can bring you far more than those network trend models
Only with real high quality
In order to send the most real smile from my heart

Picture from the network


Cashmere family METTE
To be true to yourself as a foundation
Do not deliberately cater to the tastes of others
Combine design with natural elements
So that every piece of finished products are close to life
Let your every dress be elegant and dignified


The real purpose of clothing is not to modify the appearance
But to show you the essence


1.Constellation jacquard pullover

ID: 8274066
100% cashmere
The beautiful constellation embroidered in the chest
Embroidered dream in my heart
With the gentle and delicate cashmere
Weave a beautiful dream at night
Since then the sky is no longer far away
Feel free to wear the same color coat
Can show the face of young vitality


2.Star mosaic pullover

ID: 8274082
100% cashmere
Free white stars sprinkled on clothes
Bring a sense of casualness and freedom
The overall style of leisure and sports
Coupled with the delicate fluffy cashmere feel
Good breathability
A clothing mission
It is no longer just beautiful
It is more amazing and closer to life


3.Yarn hit color pullover

ID: 8274059
100% cashmere
A collar design, elegant temperament
Blue and white on both sides, gray three color Siping paste
Echoes with the body color
The nuances show a unique design
Young should be full of vitality and innovation


4.Houndstooth coat

ID: 5274005
100% cashmere
Houndstooth in the clothing industry status
Just like black and white ash
Never quit the fashion stage
Houndstooth classic pattern
With a retro elegant small collar
It is a model of mature urban women


5.Jacquard cashmere sweater

Figure 1: 5274004
Figure 2: 5274003
100% cashmere
Simple three-dimensional geometric patterns
Natural and harmonious color
Whether it is a dress or pullover
Can interpret the solemn and mature image of urban women



6.Striped crew neck pullover

ID: 8174001
100% cashmere
Striped elements continue to lead the fashion
British style is still the mainstream
Glamorous male indispensable single product


So many beautiful cashmere sweater
always one option fit for you
Quickly pick a paragraph for yourself


Cashmere family METTE
These new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to store selection



Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be rebuilt
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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