Fashion world with multiple factors Always keep a live charming posture, but also lead the fashionable spirit of love to accommodate all kinds of popular elements.

While here is a retro movie from last century, there’s a cool apparel on the street. Pop is chic, but not for fashion.

No copy, fit is most important.

Fashion trends in autumn and winter fashion week in 2017

The 2017 fashion week has fallen down in New York, London, Paris. But the effect result of fashion week has just begun.

The most inside fashion colors, fashionable designs and so on. Which ones are more suitable for our city elegant ladies? let us present one by one.

No1 The most IN popular color

This season’s color, mainly red, green, teal, blue khaki color Festival, maintained a deep tone and light tone corresponding collocation.

Vibrant bright colors and warm middle colors are ideal for autumn and winter, breaking the dull colors and more symbolic of the spring season .

No2 Modern fashion pattern

One, polka dots, retro style

Polka dot is the wave point, from the last century of 50s, since the magnificent scenery, the wave point has gone away from the fashion of an era, became today’s classic.

This season, wave points quietly return! This significant retro element shows black and white modern vintage in black and white. Urban beauty might as well dress up a vintage girl to explore the elegance of the last century’s 50s.

Two, sedate Plaid

The elements that have been in fashion since last winter are the most elaborate of the layout this winter. The traditional retro Houndstooth, shallow cell lines, suitable to build a classic yet stable fashion styling.

In the autumn or winter coat, suit, sedate, elegant and full of retro style pattern, can show more modern temperament.

Three Fashion style

Interesting knitting

Knitting has always been a commonplace in the fall and winter, and the focus of this year’s autumn and winter is on how to play knitting!

More colorful, break the traditional silhouette and style, or decorate with different decorative elements, colorful visual sense makes you become more attractive and fashionable in the dull season.

Two, elegant long skirt

Long skirts have always been graceful and fashionable, and they have always been the classics of collocation.

With exquisite life now exquisite, a long skirt can let you easily show fashionable advanced posture, not only in spring and summer, but also in winter and autumn is one of the products that can not be absent.

Three, domineering down jacket

Many people love and hate down jacket, love its warm and comfortable, but tangled in fat fat silhouette. However, this season down jacket profile tends to be more Oversize, sport, detail, large lapel and other elements to make the down jacket more fashionable.

So, city elegant ladies, do not blindly pursue how to wear a down jacket, thin, fashionable and warm, both is the real thing!

Cashmere family METTE autumn new arrival

Cashmere family METTE fit the current trend of fashion, create beautiful product for autumn and winter.

2017, cashmere family METTE autumn new series products will soon be elegant for sale, please have your patience to vitness!

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
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