“Pop fleeting, style forever,” This is the Chanel brand slogan. Popular and fashion will always be unable to follow, only hard feelings. Ms. Coco Chanel once said: you want to be irreplaceable, one must be different. Throughout the history of Chanel for many years, has been taking is different, proudly independent high force grid line.


As a highlight of the high-set Fashion Week, CHANEL big show opening must be star-studded. Brand Chinese ambassador Zhou Xun, Liu Wen wear big cousin of Mimi view show, the autumn and winter series of glasses spokesperson Willow Smith and her father Will Smith appeared together become the focus of the stands.


wearing Chanel 2016 autumn and winter clothing series of black jumpsuits, with the same brand chain 2016/17 early spring vacation series red leather slippers debut.


Zhou Xun Chanel brand China as ambassador, wearing Chanel Chanel2017 early spring vacation series, strapless knit shirt with casual shorts, casual dress comfortable with Zhou Gongzi always generous unpretentious style coincide.




2016/17 Chanel advanced customization autumn and winter fashion large


20160719_150617_005 20160719_150617_006

Here is a wonderful creative laboratory, dream-like costumes Seduction are here possible. In the harsh principle, adhere to impeccable quality, delicate precision tailoring, exquisite materials, details with great accuracy, Chanel advanced customization beyond the time change, to become the perfect embodiment of traditional and modern innovations wonderful fusion.

20160719_150618_007 20160719_150618_008

As advanced custom core, this season’s evening followed the black, white and silver classic color, long section of the dress skirt, slightly black and silver flowers woven tweed, with a large number of feathers as a grand and noble ; black chiffon strapless dress, embellished with delicate embroidery is elegant and graceful; with full service silver sequins, decorated with fine narrow sleeves and a sense of structure and shape to modern contemporary.


20160719_150618_009 20160719_150618_010

Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld will be a new series of advanced custom workshop craftsmen dedicated to these hand-painted artwork made into a master of the unsung heroes tribute. Advanced customization is extraordinary creative laboratory, Han Bing Chengzhen unique craftsmanship, innovation, fashion is the ultimate performance, but also the brand original mission.

20160719_150618_011 20160719_150618_012

Hand-painted hand-drawn artwork Lafayette

Karl Lagerfeld hand-drawn geometric lines outline the contours of the waist and shoulders. Neat and unique sense of structure to define the precise tailoring of autumn and winter 2016/17 haute couture series silhouette.

20160719_150618_013 20160719_150618_014

The Chanel Paris high set emphasizes the concept: creativity. Geometric tailoring, exquisite materials, perfect details, exquisite workmanship, exquisite makeup, gorgeous show, traditional and modern perfect fusion of innovation, bring a magnificent visual feast!

Dior brand is high given another big show of the fashion industry have to look at the big show! 1947 Christian Dior’s Avenue Montaigne, Paris show in the salon on the 30th in his first collection, showing the feminine figure of the novel design of the curve and was unable to emulate the style of innovation, promote the revolutionary fashion.


After a lapse of 69 years, this season’s Dior show high set back in the 30th Avenue Montaigne, significance.


To witness this moment, Li Bingbing attended the high season set, the day she was wearing a one-piece spring series Dior2017 deep V skirt, with a series of early spring 2016 Dior Shades pendant earrings, dark green 2016 autumn and winter series of handbags and Runway same series Lucky Dior ring debut.


Dior suits (Bar Suit) as the essence of Dior, becoming the season’s main design and continue to be emphasized. Now, inspired by the original design on the basis of constant breakthroughs, Dior suit silhouette logo: hourglass jacket and oversized skirt, this season is again applied to the design, while the strong contrast of black and white has become this season’s colors keynote.


20160719_150618_018 20160719_150618_019

Classic black and white elements occupy the show, black and white combination represents the most basic binary oppositions: masculine and feminine charm, history and the present. Dior black and white contrast two designers will also be seen as the best example of the relationship between them. Integration of these two elements, creating a dynamic, continuous innovation, and create greater value.

20160719_150618_020 20160719_150618_021

Mr. Dior once said “white is simple, pure, suitable for all”, mysterious black, sexy, all-inclusive. Dior this season given the high use of black and white printing on fabrics and classic elegance, exquisite perfection. As Picasso highlight the structure, clothing lines and contours of the season to become the focus of the design by black and white.


The new style silhouette more lightweight and very modern, craft kit to be used to make a skirt. Jacket is re-deconstruction, Basque longer skirt or extending in the vertical direction, with a different gait showed dynamic change. Everything back to basics, thereby rendering the spirit of Dior.


Rigorous, fine, technology, innovation, creativity, eternal beauty, always maintain a high position, leading the world. This should be the essence of the brand we have seen from the high-set show. Silk costumes, delicate face, Hua Lixiu field, the interpretation is not only a fashion feast. It is eclectic, exciting collision, showing a perfect fusion of film, art, fashion and inspiration for the spirit of the times.

Summarized, the style is better than all, Seiko secret agents with a sincere tribute to the fashion! As cashmere brand was created for the same family to be tolerant to diversity posture accept new things with innovative attractive products for our customers to bring high-quality consumer experience and service.

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