It is a ending of Four Mega Fashion Week
It is always famous for luxury
It is the fashion industry’s festival
Paris fashion week
Has recently been gorgeous ending

It always being attention
Leading the international fashion trend of the finale station
It deserve the major top brands gathering
Flourishing, unprecedented
Come together to review the show
The wonderful time

Fashionable capital – Paris
Has always been fashionable rush of the Holy Land
Paris Fashion Week in the fashion world
It is the most discourse of the show one of the show
It Is the major luxury brand Queen’s great sanctuary
On the stage
Major brands contests, Ambilight

Dior DIOR A / W 2017

Quiet sky under the blue legend
Dior chose Navy Blue this season
Floating in the clouds among the dream fairy skirt
The whole is surrounded by blue
It can be tough
But also can be very fantastic, Xian gas pressing

Show field inside is the blue ocean
Shrouded the audience is also the navy blue light
Gorgeous velvet or gradient tulle made of evening dress
Plus exquisite embroidery embellishment on it
Noble mysterious atmosphere ready to come out


Valentino this season is different from the previous rich fairy skirt
The series skirt are less cents cents beauty atmosphere
Keep the brand has always been the elegant retro feeling
VALENTINO show field
Never a little red skirt figure
This season is a symbol of life color red dress
Is still the audience’s most watched focus

It is worth mentioning that
Valentine of this season’s VALENTINO
But also unprecedentedly abstract
Artwork worn on the body
Colorful patterns dotted the body
Leaves and fruit, geometry and numbers
Full of design
High purity color combinations
Very exotic

KOY CHLOE A / W 2017

The sky and the sea is the endless imagination
Kou’s 2017 autumn and winter series
Take us to explore
A fantastic world full of avant-garde spirit
Sky, love, rainbow color
The fresh element of the heart of the girl
Silk crepe on the printing
Like a magical wonderland

Louis Vuitton LV A / W 2017

The city meets the perfect blend of border and scenery
Louis Vuitton’s 2017 autumn and winter series
Fur element is undoubtedly the highlight of the audience
The city’s elite are out of the cage and imprisoned
Release free feelings

Metal chain with lace and flash fabric
Tough leather with sexy lace dress
Masculine and feminine no longer clear and clear
Pure American sports classic style
City classic encounter mysterious charming folk customs
Let the free soul can find the habitat

Hermes HERMES A / W2017

Hermes HERMES2017 autumn and winter series
To the nostalgic mountaineering theme
Simple cut as you
The impression of the Hermes girl
Red and red with red and shade
Elegant for the opening

Dark black leather molded out
A strong image of the elite
Handsome profile silhouette
To stack a rich sense of hierarchy
Knitted hat, high collar shirt, dress
Showing the elegance of hardness and elegance

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