The sweater is in autumn and winter the most indispensable fashion item, although the market has a variety of styles, but buy the number doesn’t mean you can wear of, especially when next year ready to when they close up, your wardrobe almost full. In fact, really do not need too much sweater, this autumn and winter as long as six is enough! Absolutely make you beautiful and warm to spend the winter!

Although a lot of people think horizontal stripes is a significant pattern, but this does not affect the extent of its popularity in the fashion circle! Just like with jeans, striped sweater is in your closet there must be a single product all-match. If you are really afraid to look fat, then you can choose a relatively thin stripes, compared to a wide and thick stripes look to make you look even more thin.


This kind of national wind feeling of the pattern you must have seen through, but you are not a little out of the name? In fact, the correct name of this pattern should be the island pattern. Is located in the north of England Fair Isle is the birthplace of this pattern. In the 1920s, because at that time, the British King Edward VIII abdicated wearing a sweater of this pattern, so that the Fair Isle patterns has become a major symbol of British fashion. Until now is also the love of the global fashion people.


If you want to wear skirts in winter over the addiction, then some hair dress to meet your wishes! Both elegant woman flavour and saucy fresh hair dress invariant is to bring you a warm, with a dozen leggings or tights jeans is the most simple is the best combination of.


Thick needle sweater must have everyone will have one or two, maybe we usually just call it a sweater, but you absolutely can not think of this style there is a very handsome name, is the fisherman sweater! Also born in Scotland fisherman sweater just as its name implies, is the fishermen in winter clothing, and along with the time evolution of this emphasis on a sense of texture pattern gradually in the world began to flourish and use it to create a lazy Fashion Institute of wind is again appropriate did not pass!


To warm and temperament, so you must have a turtleneck! Although each person’s neck and long and short, but this does not affect turtleneck bring your funky, neck long people can choose thin personal material, or the collar fold to half of the height and not have been to the top of the chin, in short, is to give the neck set aside space to, this will significantly more slender.

The sweater really don’t need too much, is this six piece, can enjoy the winter fun!

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