Fashion fast changing, stripes heat diminished! T-shirts, hot pants, sweaters, dresses, stripes across the four seasons. Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, black and white, blue and white, gray, color, different color stripes with different visual effects. Break the silence of winter, bright stripes is a good choice, very eye-catching, but not too much force!

Stripes are divided into horizontal stripes, vertical stripes two. Horizontal stripes is the most magical place: If you take it as a ride, it can enrich the overall level of your mix, but not overwhelming; If you will be horizontal stripes elements, it can work independently, as your overall shape of the highlights . Vertical stripes can be visually more slender figure, with a very good thin effect.

Cashmere family METTE single product recommendation

When the color hit the stripes, when the striped sweater, simple cashmere sweater has become modern. Neither too much publicity, but also comes with fashionable property. If the black and white stripes is the classic color, blue and white stripes refreshing vitality, then the Milan stripes are among the low-key, a little more modern retro feel.

Beige striped cardigan

Dark stripes of the shoulder looming, the details of the stripes with the middle of the clear echoes to achieve the effect of flickering. Round neck design, simple while more prominent neck lines. Color-added technology, enhanced three-dimensional.

Perhaps a pair of jeans, a pair of casual shoes, you can instantly make you more youthful vitality of the atmosphere; perhaps a blue skirt pants, a pair of fine high heels, make you modern and elegant. This winter, standing on the tail of 2016, wearing striped knit sweater fashion!

Domineering occupied T station, fashion circles over the past century, enduring. “Stripes” are the United States of the stripes elements, or modern or retro, or occupation or leisure, or significantly high or was thin. Striped single product called the classic never fade!

Beige striped pullover

Color striped round neck women pullover, hem and cuffs hit the color design, the details are unique and tasteful. Curling collar design, different from the traditional rib collar, more delicate and delicate. Round neck striped sweater, with pants, practical simplicity; also with a long skirt, elegant and soft. Can be used as a ride, with any style of coat with, can become the finishing touch.

In the beige stripes meet the simple state of mind, in the color of knitting encounter different kind of elegance. It is this effortless elegance, unlimited flow from the T station, extended to the film, the streets, the workplace … … this winter, followed by the cashmere world METTE fashionable striped shirt to wear up, some modern and Western style!
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