Winter is long, we have long been cashmere, cotton plus body to withstand the low temperature snow strong attack, modeling upgrade, warm doubled. In our coat and down jacket inside, in addition to the basic models of cashmere sweater base, you can also choose the long section of the pullover. Wearing a long sweater inside take the bottom, there is the same beauty and efficacy dress, and do not need complicated with the low-key luxury will be able to interpret the texture most vividly.

A cashmere sweater in the long section, inside wear, light and warm and stylish, but also help you bid farewell to bloated style. Whether cashmere stacked wear, or take the texture of the coat, you want elegant or casual, a long paragraph of the cashmere pullovers can meet you.

8264042 Round neck woman long skirt
One /
100% cashmere material is the guarantee of warmth, it became the last choice for wearing. Mysterious low-key black, gentle and elegant brick red, so that women enjoy the charm of blooming! Chest inlaid metal texture of this striped decoration, rough with a delicate, instantly enhance the degree of fashion.


Side calm and mysterious, warm and noble side; elegant calm, reckless nature, beauty more than one side, from a long section of the charm of cashmere sweater.

8264043 Geometric pattern long pullover
Two /
Cikuan black dress, the use of the international popular geometric patterns, with the hit color method to enhance the color of stitching fashion degree. Milky white, brick red, mustard yellow, bright colors make you in the winter can feel bright. Cikuan wild and very strong to wear, wear on the body, there is the effect of the same knitted sweater dress.

Fashionable geometric patterns, leading a big trend this season, but also to a single product is no longer monotonous, regardless of Waichuan or take the ride inside, can stand alone side, appropriately decorated, do not worry too much force.

8264061 In the long paragraph round neck pullover
Three /
Cikuan black long pullover, very suitable for mature women wearing. In addition to the classic wild, the simple atmosphere of the style is also a major bright spot. Knee-length boots, matched with natural, comfortable, elegant cashmere sweater, elongated the proportion of body, full of charm, big legs is not a dream!

6264512 Round neck long pullover
Four /
Dark green stripes in the long pullover, wool material, Dongnuanxialiang, personal wear, soft skin-friendly, comfortable and natural. Fashion stripes, bright color hit color, enhance the fashion sense of cashmere. This section is very suitable for home wear, with casual shoes or boots can be.

Classic dress philosophy is about comfort, decent and personality, into the fashion personality and characteristics of the cashmere single product, has been far bid farewell to the “old dust” era, to Western style, fashion, personality, style and diverse cashmere new fashion Clothing instead.
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