Most people first impression of down jacket is warm but bloated, is synonymous with fashion insulator. But today, I want to name down jacket! Who said the down jacket can not be a luxury fashion, there is a called “light down” clothes, not only both light and warm, more to show your elegant atmosphere.

Cashmere family METTE crossover down jacket for the first time, will continue to extend the high-quality, fine craftsmanship design. The same with the cashmere process, the same pursuit of the real nature of light, thin, warm, strict selection of each piece down, and pick the most warm and lightest a small part, to create a beautiful jacket. Coupled with the unique design elements, feather light and warm and elegant fashion reflect this.

Light cashmere jackets(Differs to Eiderdown)
Light fashion

Do not chase the complex gorgeous, focus on the essence of simplicity, and strive to pursue refined and concise. In the “light fashion” trend, “light feather” came into being. The cashmere family METTE takes a gentle gesture as a subtractive fashion, compared with the traditional down jacket is more stylish, lightweight, self-cultivation, highlight the details in the texture, open the warm life for the winter, with the “fashion” to redefine the down jacket.


Lean body proportions, filling the tall
Irregular pressure lines different from the traditional velvet
With exquisite large V tangent, simplicity also highlights
Light gesture walking in the unbridled winter
Tell a young woman who is young and enjoys freedom

ID: 4274056

Abandon the traditional tangent design
Simple one piece design
Plus a large lapel by the light down to create
Down jacket can also play out the post-modern style


ID: 4274055

Exquisite short section
Simple but without losing the sense of design large lapel
More breaking the rules of the side buckle design
Accustomed to the coat you must be surprised at
Down jacket can be so design sense it


ID: 4274054

Precious gem blue, will always be noble symbol
Like gems
Will not lose value over time
Simple neat lines, accompanied by light down
You will find that down jacket can take the fashion line


ID: 4274053


ID: 4274052

Glamor men are more than just coats
There are warm and light down jacket
Different from the graceful and temperatureless characteristics of coats
Feel the warmth of light down seems
More approachable
Whether it is stylish sleeveless design, or self-contained design
Down winter can deduce a sense of fashion

ID: 4174001


ID: 4174002

Be a lover of life
Spent every day in warmth
We are all trendy people
Do not drift, dare to really me



Cashmere family METTE
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Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be rebuilt
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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