Unlimited changes, full of charm, traditional and modern fusion, the pursuit of quality and luxury, innovation, advance with the times, Mette cashmere family in the pursuit of modern urban style and build valuable brands have their own on the road has never stopped.


2016 autumn and winter fashion color reference Pantone Ten

2016 autumn and winter series in this year’s fashion elements, style and color for the wind vane, cherish the memory of history and vision for the future, to create their own exclusive popular series. With elegant minimalist interpretation of urban femininity, fashion silhouette and fine details to enhance the fashion style.

Black and white theme

Different kind of cold sophisticated elegance


Cashmere family autumn and winter series of black and white theme, inspired by the 1960s retro style. Elegant black and white three-color gray charming interpretation of an independent personality, elegant and refined, modern image of urban women.

Style: 8,264,052

Combined with classic black and white elements in different proportions intertwined, ever-changing new tricks. White, pure, simple, better than all; black, low-key and elegant, all-inclusive. Black and white side by side, a different color stitching, as between each other against the background of the sky and the earth, unexpected visual effects.


Black and white large plaid, stylish simplicity British style, decorated with tassels at the hem, very feminine charm.

Blue Style

Elegant and romantic Mediterranean


Family of new autumn and winter cashmere blue theme series, inspired by the romantic and charming Mediterranean style. Romantic island pure, clean lines, white walls and blue roof of the church, quiet beaches, endless blue sea, white walls and red tile Mediterranean architecture. Outside of which witnessed the collision and fusion of nature and art, feel the long history of ancient Western civilization.

Style: 6,264,509

Blue Line, with the vision of all the good things, like the elegant and charming western goddess. This series is based in navy blue color to pink color as embellishment, highlighting the urban women simple and elegant, romantic atmosphere.


Using geometric mosaic printing different patches on the sleeves and bodice, and the overall adds a playful taste.

Style: 6,264,511

Natural quiet, keep quiet ethereal, with a bit rich Mediterranean style, quietly enjoy the most beautiful sunset, watch the blue sky, the sea breeze coming from the Aegean lengthy ancient call, so that everything is exceptionally romantic and comfortable.

Red Style

Such as flame-like blazing shine


Mette cashmere Family new autumn and winter red cashmere thematic series inspired by the flame burning. Pure burgundy series, like a flame, hardy, enthusiastic and keen to enjoy the proud posture combustion bloom, brilliance and eye-catching.

Style: 8,264,135

Double collar reflecting the premium worsted cashmere fine, chest shirring is bright. Some Like It Hot Red, energetic, urban women convey the love of life, the pursuit of a comfortable life, yearning for freedom.

Style: 8,264,133

Superb technology in the sweeping silhouette and cut, handsome avant-garde complex element in the comfortable and natural highlights on the independence and self-confidence. The United States from the inner and temperament, but also the result of a self-cultivation, not artificial. Draw inspiration from the natural world, with pastel colors and complicated process to bring a different kind of comfortable wearing experience.


More Mette family cashmere autumn and winter series, coming soon, so stay tuned ……

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