A natural simplicity, a soft and comfortable when they meet, will produce what kind of chemical reaction it? This issue introduces you to a family summer cotton cashmere series, the interpretation of a Great Love Story of Flax.

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Stepping on the footprints of spring, early summer immersed in the brilliant, accompanied by a touch of sophora flower incense, coming in June, fresh season has kicked off. Cashmere  cotton and flax series family, wonderful bloom in the summer, low-key yet elegant, stylish without losing texture. Natural khaki, blue caves, simple and elegant tone for the summer to bring a rare hint of refreshing.

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Natural Khaki

Natural khaki, a color is light brown and the fawn in between. Seemingly light coffee, a cool sense of the pale. Fashion designer Raneek said that is earthy khaki, the color is a natural feeling, close beige and brown, but not brown.

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Rock Cave Blue

There is a flower called BLUELOVER; there is a music called the blues; there is a group called the blue-collar; there is a color called blue caves.

See the blue of the moment, always think of everything related to the sea and the sea, the navy, and islands. Imagine, the sea breeze blowing, children playing on the beach side, as well as to meet the storm, “beach-goers” water, occasional seagull flying over the endless ocean, the sea sparkling in the distance, sailing far away … At this moment, I would understand: that beauty is not false.

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Model Number: 2260063

Slim thin section long coat, the natural fold design stylish atmosphere, nine points sleeves enhance the overall degree of young, single-breasted design is very practical. Ride within the recommended T-shirt, trousers or ride under pack skirt.

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Model Number: 2260062

Long section sleeveless vest, natural folds adds to the overall sense of hierarchy, waist belt design ingenuity, for people wearing different body, whether open dress reflects the beauty of different women. It can be used with dresses, shirts, T-shirts, modeling Variety, summer essential with a single product.

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Model Number: 2260061

Fold design long-sleeved shirt, linen and cotton ingredients complement each other well the advantages and disadvantages, folds and low collar design simplicity casual between each other. With trousers as sophisticated, stylish and elegant skirt with a bag.

Want fresh art Fan children? Workplace able Fan children? Fashion Fan children? You only need a simple shirt a single product, absolutely wild and practical fashion.

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Model Number: 2260064

Fold long section of lace dresses, 75 percent linen and 25 percent cotton content mix, breathable absorbent, cool and comfortable, girdle lace design perfectly outlines the beauty of women. Beautiful summer, want to show the beauty of women, the skirt must be the best choice.

Dress, Known as women second layer of skin. Dressed in the wind dancing dress, elegant trace of sexy.

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When the beautiful dress encounter beautiful scarves, have a little romantic, but also a little retro dramas.

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Comfortable fabrics, popular elements, decent cut, simple style atmosphere, exquisite handle the details of all tell of a long and romantic story.

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Company Name: ZheJiang Springair Textile Group CO, LTD
Enterprise Type: Manufacturing & Trading, Brand Operation
Founded: 1985
Brands: SpringAir, METTE
Main Products: Knitting Apparel / Woven Apparel / Yarn
Sales(2013): 200 Million USD
Employees: 1,000

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