The earliest discovered and utilized natural fiber

The development of linen fiber is almost equal to that of human civilization.

Peeling – Yarn – Castor – Rounding

Sizing – Worn-Weaving

Complex craftsmanship

Making flax fibers tough

The linen under modern technology

Because of high-tech textile technology

It also has a soft quality

Quality linen fabric

Both stiff outlines

There is also a comfortable skin feel

When holding lightly

Fully flexible

Cool and smooth

Linen and water can be described as deep feelings

Fibers require a lot of moisture during growth

After woven into fabric, it has good water absorption

The unique internal structure of linen fibers

It also has good air permeability and moisture absorption.

Linen clothing worn on the upper body allows the skin to breathe freely

Reduces body temperature by 4-8°C

Therefore, it is called “natural air conditioner”

The combination of linen and other fabrics can also bring surprises to people

Linen and silk blended garments

Both the softness and comfort of silk

Also has a linen moisture absorption

High quality fabric is the silent expression of skin and body

Linen is quaint and natural

Silently Passing Natural Breathing Silently

Shows the rustic beauty from the earth


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