About scarves
Have you ever loved at first sight?
Gentle feel like a quick sand
Romantic colors such as beautiful Chinese chapter
Wear body, temperament naturally come

Have it after it
Do you ignore the dress?
Let it be a wardrobe nobody appreciates the beauty
Or just around the neck neck
When the wind, occasionally with a trace of elegant elegance
In this topic, some questions:

Scarves are small, but it has a value for money to play the United States advantage;

It is not only scarves, but also incarnation headdress, scarves, bracelets, belts, feet, etc., inadvertently show elegant temperament, in this romantic spring and summer, easily make you gorgeous.

Bright spring and summer, to abandon the dull colors, with scarves in the headset up a little new ideas. Long hair of the hair and hair band, short hair hoop, how to wear, all bring their own beauty ring.

(Headdress method)

In addition to the headdress, as most people often take the scarf, can be elegant, can be retro, can be dignified, you can also release your sweet girl feelings, beautiful no limit.

(Scarf method)

Folding around the system, it has become a pair of neck chain, by the neck of the fashionable degree, the United States and the United States to concave shape and then fit.

Small square, around the wrist, pretend into a bracelet, virtually become the finishing touch of the overall shape, romantic visual beauty arises spontaneously.

Want to have a little innovation on the waist, then put the scarf as a belt, but also bring out a good body of slender.

A ray of scarves, decorated in the package, with the step posture melodious, elegant, far from looking, elegant and full of charm. As wrapped around the package in the package, glow with a brilliant color, romantic heart.

Long scarves can even be used as clothes, tied a belt, not only show the waist, more easily cover the belly fat, fashionable UP

Fashionable people play the way from the foot, scarves as a footsteps in the ankle, decorated chic elegant, cool summer, like the foot of the flowers, a bow is graceful beauty.

Read so many beautiful scarf with, there is no heart?
May 1, the cashmere family launched scarves redemption activities
Members of a single consumption of 1,000 yuan, plus 99 yuan
Can redeem the value of 680 yuan a fine scarf
Members of a single consumption of 3,000 yuan, plus 199 yuan
Can redeem the value of 880 yuan a fine scarf
(Limited number of scarves, redemption activities at the end)
Want to get a scarf to play the beautiful people
Welcome to shop try, pick

Cashmere family for your recommendation:

(680 yuan scarf)

100% silk small square
Size: 88cm * 88cm
Feel silky, gentle
Bring summer fresh enjoyment

(680 yuan scarf)

Mingyan scarf
Embellished romantic summer time
Elegant tone
Is the heart of a touch of quiet
Can be brilliant, can be fresh
Like a colorful life

(880 yuan scarf)

Long scarf
Can be around the neck neck
Or in the summer season
As a shawl, sunscreen
Inadvertently reveal elegant temperament

(880 yuan scarf)

PS: 51 special events are continuing, April 28 – May 7, METTE brand spring audience 7 fold, nearly 100 elegant spring, looking forward to encounter with you.

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