Pink style


Pink, romantic atmosphere, gentle, sweet, cute live wave, it seems more appropriate for this season of flowers. Soft pink, soft pink, fresh pink girl seems to always be the exclusive system, but who says the pink girl belongs to? A woman no matter what age, are hidden inside a little girl, or willful, or surly, shy or quiet. This summer, a family of cashmere Pink clothes give you a chance to return the girl’s mind.

Style I


▲ 3260051 100% silk

Cool summer, how can you less this charming romantic pink dress it? Cherry pink, sweet and fresh. Chest fold design, but also unique. Pure silk fabrics, cool and breathable. Design sleeves and cuffs income side are elegant, gentle, feminine blend just right. Using partial loose version of type design, comfortable cozy same time, meat was thin cover effect. This summer, stocks pink cashmere family let this storm is everywhere!


A woman with pink clothes, long hair, makeup and clean chic, gentle temperament, stroll in the summer sun, mouth hanging bright smile, met her at the moment, as if the whole world is still, this is the only bright image deep in my heart a little bit. Sometimes stop to watch, and sometimes look back smile, sometimes tease hair bow, every gesture are beautiful and irreplaceable.


Pink two-piece dress, using the current popular on both sides of the corner slit design, sleeve style, gentle atmosphere. Pale pink, romantic yet fresh, playful yet gentle, cashmere family pink dress, the most extreme interpretation of the trend of summer style street.


How beautiful pink dress? Perhaps Mediocre, maybe not overhangs, but the meat loose cover design details in place, and the cool weather early Xiaqing Chen, a perfect match!

Style II


▲ 3260052 100% silk fabrics

“Last year, this door today, the Peach Blossom matched red. Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.” Woman’s beauty, clothing needs and temperament of echoes. Happy, smiling, gentle tempting. Or with the free and easy, or subtle elegance, practicing temperament goddess result is that you can drive on the lightly cooked interpret various styles.


Sweet pink dress take you back, sweet and fresh colors, comfortable and beautiful single product, not deliberately exquisite decoration, as if the summer is best ignited. Pink, girls are not standard, it is every woman’s inner yearning and dreams, no matter what age, I believe this as romantic and beautiful pink world will still be favorites in my heart.


The pink dress, chest fold design is bright. Unique exhibit folds playful sense, decent and generous sleeve design, make it simple pink dress different.


Style III


▲ 3260053 100% silk

Who says pink is only for little girls? Small pink V-neck shirt, hem forming natural folds, silk fabrics, skin-friendly and breathable superb. With white trousers, whether it is random or arbitrary headlong into the waistband tie a summary, they are full of a sense of style. White and pink mix, capable refreshing for white-collar women OL style.


Very pink lining color, it is elegant and fresh with white, with a black embodies the sexy femininity. Like pink people, mostly romantic, imaginative and free, they are full of hope, just as the morning rising sun. Like “Lotus flowers in the sunshine” depicts is so gorgeous vivid, gives a fresh feeling.

20160605_163128_041 20160605_163128_042

Pink, such a sweet and tender color! Sweet romantic pink, warm, bright pink, people simply could not refuse.

For more details summer, welcomed the Advisory accessible!

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