Cashmere family beloved fans, thank you for your support and attention to the family of cashmere. This week, the family invited small cashmere of the straight camp shop manager who voted to recommend, to bring you the eyes of the customer “Favorites”, what are the popular styles? This period for you one by one announced.
Women’s T-shirt tassel cardigan


Tassel, full of feminine elements, noble, elegant. This small fragrant romantic Su cardigan, quite the classic Chanel small fragrant flavor. Beautiful blue, highlight the individual temperament, graceful and quiet, rave reviews.


An invigorating autumn climate, autumn is getting stronger, gradually very cool. At this time, how can less the care of cashmere? Tassel cardigan cashmere, blue jeans and black skirt collocation, a textured white or beige shirt. Bestie party, outing, full of charm, earn enough to lead.


Ladies Lapel tassel cardigan B


This collar cardigan B slightly longer than the neck tassel cardigan, overall simple fashion, strong sense of design, to give people a sense of bright eyes. Small children and real parent-child coat composed of beautiful scenery. With her elegant and handsome out of the street, you are a well deserved trend.


Long casual female cardigan



This long casual knit cardigan, is this autumn essential items. Recommended reason: H version, simple leisure; thin shoulder design, modified shoulder type; side small slit, casual and elegant, create charming figure.


Dark blue, such as the deep blue sky, through the autumn of quiet Enron; yellow green, fresh and natural, give people a sense of bright eyes. A bit like autumn just pan yellow leaves, fresh and beautiful; also like the spring just germination of grass, soft and full of vitality.


Spring warm breath, charming atmosphere autumn Pumianerlai, giving a cordial and natural feeling. Shopping, dating, commuting to work, to help you to show the most perfect side.

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