The first part, small family invited cashmere Direct stores across the country the manager who voted to recommend, to bring you the eyes of the customer “Favorites”, all-match easy wear, what are the popular and popular style? This period. Next, continue to be announced


Autumn and winter essential, how much less basic cashmere sweater it? Its color is rich and beautiful, suitable for people of different ages to wear. The basic models, fashionable all-match profile, rich, soft, light and warm. Small make up invite you to go into the world of colorful cashmere sweater.
Hand woven jacquard collar blouse


Recommended reason: whether it is brown or grey, are suitable for autumn wear. Manual jacquard decorative neckline, make clothes full of beauty. The fine, noble, perfect fit the modern urban women’s temperament.


Snowflake patterns, fantasy aesthetic, filled with the winter romantic atmosphere and a deep sense of the Nordic style. This thick warm, whether it is backing wear or single wear, is a good choice.


V collar edge jumper


Recommended reason: this section is thinner, V collar design, add a mature woman taste, soft arc exposed slender. Slim version with a comfortable and pleasant, gardenia color, purple, silver cherry pink, shallow light, soft and warm.


Whether it is wearing short skirts, trousers collocation, or shirt, wearing a different style. This fall, to start a bar!


Pumping collar Pullover


Recommended reason: Liling design, improve the heat preservation effect. Draw a cashmere sweater, more personal type, to create a slim good build. Thin, by age, if you want a slender waist, the collar Pullover will wear out your charming figure convex.


Color Crewneck cardigan


Recommended reason: color design, is the biggest highlight of this cardigan. Bright color, is a popular element in recent years fashion week. Crewneck cardigan, green, pink, orange and red color options, suitable for autumn in an invigorating autumn climate. Comfortable, exquisite, personal protection.


The basic models are not, aunt, rigid and old-fashioned! The basic models, will take the basic models, you can still fashionable and stylish! Amazing, all-match, fit, full of vitality, not pick body, delicate style… This is the basic style charm!


A hidden age single product, something to wear a different temperament items, a warm winter to Banmei necessary. Simple commute, soft and comfortable, to create a perfect day

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