The roar is strongly recommended a pants, three-dimensional design high waist, the waist was also lengthen the leg line, wide leg trouser can conceal fat, while very cool, waist belts are super fine selection fiber leather, microfiber leather is excellent for skin regeneration and environmental protection at the same time with wear soft breathable qualities with adjustment holes on the belt tension can be adjusted according to the requirements. This is the root if the belt out alone with, you can save a lot of clothes in my closet. Gray suit pants looking good to take big, super good to wear!

Gray-trousers-1 Gray-trousers-2
An ultra lazy to go out! Create fashionable casual sports style, I love the current paragraph! Whole loose version of type, sisters of all sizes can easily control, front panel using the buckle webbing design, visual play contraction effect, Invincible cover meat. Flower gray blending fabric is my fancy, and very special and remarkable temperament, fabric texture is super good, skin-friendly and breathable drape, for the summer is really tailored a dress!

Gray-dress Gray-dress-1

Summer, shorts are essential wild a single product, a minimalist sense of the overall cut lines neat and clean, well-designed waist lengthen the leg line. Front pocket design is the crowning touch, put on a great card. Selection of basic black and beige gray, classic black color on something wild was thin weapon, which I highly recommend meter gray hue, high temperament, it is suitable for light-colored summer mix!

Gray-pant-1 (2) Gray-pant-1 (1)

This little loose version of the type, put on the body very seductive, sexy perspective of a small, charming gestures, outside perspective shirt fabric selection thin texture of silk fabrics, exquisite romantic three-dimensional natural texture. Inside the satin sling selection fog, smooth texture invincible comfortable. Both can also take the outfit together separately so high utilization rate is super invincible! On the choice of black and gray color, if that black classic wild was thin, it is gray temperament taste set in a glamorous tone. In short, is Super Beautiful!

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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