In the autumn of September in autumn
Soon ushered in another teacher’s day.
Memories of those years of reading
Do you still remember
Me in you teachers good at giving systematic guidance.


Drinking water with its source study of its study into love when
Don’t forget your kindness lessons
Don’t forget your education and training
The tireless “God of war””
Spread knowledge diligently
To teach us how to behave constantly give personal advice


You are not an actor.
But to attract our hungry eyes;
You’re not a singer.
But let the knowledge springs Ding Dong
Sing a charming song
You are not a sculptor
But shaped the soul of a group of young people.


Not only in class
Inquisitive children, excellent in character and learning
And there are some
Do not love learning, unruly
Love naughty “bad boy”
As the rebellious students
Naughty students who don’t do their homework.
Badass “bad boy”


But dear you
Not because of the students’ differences”
And give different treatment
Not because the students are not good, poor performance
And give up their bad behavior
You always give them patience and tolerance
You have your own career.
Hope that through their own efforts and actions
Can guide and change them
Let the students return to the right path


Guiding light on the road of life
In the life of good teachers and helpful friends
Spiritual pillar of the soul
Thank you very much
This day is your holiday
Wish you a happy Teacher’s Day
Wish you and your family health and happiness

Always silent salutary influence of Education
Teacher’s Day is up.
Pick a sincere gift
A bouquet of flowers and a pen.
A picture, a tea set
Even a letter…
Simple blessing
Is the best expression of the festival


Remember those years, the class always have such a teacher: good, and then delay everyone two minutes, finished this problem on the end of class.
Some students, I stand on the podium, you do what you do not think I can not see.
This question, who will answer, there is no one who would like to answer, no one raised their hands, then I named the!
You are not good to listen to, good test is good with me a little relationship is not, I take a monthly salary……


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