In 10th September, it is the teacher’s day once a year, in this sacred day, teacher presented a bouquet of carnations, or send a greeting card filled with love, thanks to the recollections of  teachers.

“I love you” has five thousand ways of expression, and the teacher’s “love” in different countries also have different expressions. Different teacher’s Day celebration, different cultural customs, and different ways of celebrating.

Portuguese teachers’ Day
Show a strong humanistic spirit

Portugal is known as the kingdom of poetry, and its poetry history is comparable with the history of the founding of Portugal, especially cultural and educational.

As early as May 18, 1899, the graduates of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, gave thanks to their teachers by sending ribbons, the teacher gave the ribbons with their signatures as a souvenir to encourage students to learn better.

Later, the Portuguese government designated May 18th as teacher’s day and held a celebration for teacher and student every year. So far, it has more than 120 years of history. Portugal is the world’s first teacher’s day inventor, teacher’s day etiquette show strong honor and respect for their teaching humanistic spirit, followed by many countries.

German teachers’ Day
Present a special gift

Germany has a long tradition of education and a good system of teacher system, and it also attaches great importance to teacher’s day. In 1990, after the unification of Germany, June 12th was established as teacher’s day.
On Teachers’ day, warm celebrations were held throughout the country. From the capital to various provinces and municipalities, a commendation meeting was held in successive stages to commend excellent teachers. The government and the ruling party express their sincere respect for the work of teachers.

Students will also present teachers with special gifts and elaborate chocolates on this day. Even if the chocolate is engraved with simple words, but full of students gratitude to the teacher. The teacher presents  a letter of thanks to the student after receiving the gift.

French teachers’ Day
Spend holidays with teachers

France is the birthplace of the enlightenment, Rousseau has a great educator, educational innovation, educational theories and ideas emerge in an endless stream has a long tradition of traditional.

The French compare the teacher to the angel of human wisdom, and the teachers are generally respected by the French people. But France did not set up teacher’s day alone, but it was a combination of teacher’s day and Christmas day in December 25th.

On December 25th each year, parents and students bring a beautiful gift to the teachers’ home to celebrate the festival. Local governors and social celebrities are expected to take part in the festivities on this day.

Korean teachers’ Day
Thanks for teachers celebration

South Korea maintained the eastern Confucian civilization tradition of respecting teachers, people will arrange the best in the year of the month, in mid May, May 15th in teachers’ day .

Every teacher’s day, the government in recognition for outstanding contributions to the education of educators, the school held a variety of cultural activities for thanks.

Students give carnations to teachers, give gifts, or visit retired teachers, give gifts and so on, and express their love and gratitude to teachers in various ways.

Chinese teachers’ Day
Diversity celebration

In modern Chinese history, many different dates have been taken as teacher’s day. Until 1985 that China became a teacher’s day in September 10th. It was aimed at ensuring the strong position of teachers and enhancing their professional accomplishment.

Since teacher’s Day is not a traditional Chinese festival, there are different celebrations every year. The government and schools hold teachers’ Day celebration commendation meetings, award prizes and certificates for teachers, or organize school students to give musical performances to teachers.

The students spontaneously through the original design will be written on the blackboard, blessing cards and painting; or photos and feelings of personal space, the sun to micro-blog, to express the sincere greetings and heartfelt wishes of teachers.

A piece of chalk, high dust, various teachings, all heart, dear teachers lifelong effort for our success. Although the country is different, teachers’ Day celebration each has its own characteristics, but all with the teacher’s deep respect, thanks, mentor, gratitude, a strong teacher.
Teachings such as the spring breeze, you like the deep sea. September 10th, Chinese teachers’ day, cashmere family METTE, wish all the teachers all over the world a happy holiday, healthy and happy!

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