Coat, is the most difficult to date a single product. We want to talk about today is the cute camel coat, camel coat in popular fashion, dating back to 1981 the famous French designer Anne Marie Beretta designed for MaxMara double breasted camel coat. Since the trend is in the limelight, camel deduction, and become a classic legend of fashion.


A classic, elegant design, excellent texture cut camel coat, just perfect Yichang, given other winter a casual elegance. 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old can wear…… Until old, never out of date!


The camel coat from the profile can be divided into 3 basic models, neutral models, lace, plush models. Neutral with sleek tailoring for knee or knees slightly on the length, wears a very elegant. Compared to neutral, elegant and chic, a tie to meet the lady show good figure of the demand, while adding a little handsome neat woman. Open button, belt behind the good clothes, a more uninhibited style. Look at the plush, fluffy texture is warm, like covered with a layer of warm blankets, winter is very suitable for a street single product.



Cashmere family METTE to fashion tribute, launched a large camel coat lapel. Classic colors, handsome collar, chic belt, with a high degree of recognition, exudes elegance and modern urban taste.


This wool coat, make full use of wool material thermal insulation is good, moisture absorption is strong, the advantage of good skin, in each of the wind wanton autumn and winter to urban women the most warm care. And feel good, noble and elegant, aristocratic temperament is the best choice.


Fawn and white, the perfect combination of classic elements, together to create a beautiful modern retro style, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Smooth lines, atmospheric style, with a beam of a waist belt gently, exudes a inornate style atmosphere.


Such a beautiful coat, of course more than a camel, and brisk wine red and navy blue temperament. The cool wind blowing, infinite cool, winter is not far from us. True love powder can go to the store for the winter!!


Classic V collar camel coat, ably neat, simple and comfortable, designed for the workplace goddess temperament tailored. This fusion with black, black and white squares, perfect collocation of the classic elements, more advanced texture. Invisible pocket design, conform to no conventional pattern. Waist design, make the version of crisp with the effect of cultivation.


Anna Maria Beretta once said such a sentence: “the coat is a woman’s first hiding place.” It’s the perfect companion for a woman. When cold, the coat can shelter for women. Your closet is this century classic “trench coat type”?


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