High collar cashmere sweater how fashionable, you must know the beauty! Winter comes, to resist the cold, refused to bloated shape, you really need a high collar cashmere sweater. High collar cashmere sweater, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly warmth, as if we are in the cold winter in the “savior.”

The classic dress idol, has a basic cashmere sweater. In addition to excellent texture, soft and comfortable, the cashmere sweater wild “good temper”, but also captured the hearts of a public fashion people. High collar cashmere sweater as an essential quality single wardrobe, enough to let you wear from the age of 20 to 50 years old, or even longer.

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Concise design
Fashionable high collar
Basic style
Simple atmosphere
This winter sweater
To a solid color

Temperament high collar cashmere sweater
Can also wear clothing fashion sense
With a lapel long coat
Stylish and texture
With long woolen dress to make you elegant
With a sweater skirt to make you stunning

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This section in the design of a slight change
Chest with pattern design
For the cashmere sweater adds a taste
Cyan blue, gray flowers, purple brown
Change color, change mix
There will be a different mood

One side is the noble and delicate cashmere sweater
One side is the casual nature of the cowboy
If you’re tired of elegant style
Then the cashmere + cowboy mix
Just for you
Do not think that the basic color models
It can not play fashionable tricks
Those fashion bloggers are
Pure color cashmere sweater fans

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Who says cashmere sweater are old-fashioned
This section of high-collar hollow cashmere sweater
Collar and sleeve at the hollow element
Elegant with a small sexy
More women’s romantic and soft
So simple basic models are also fashionable



High collar is more warm than the low collar
Good cold resistance
High collar of Western style
Suitable for a variety of shapes
Coats, down jackets, denim, semi skirt
Are with a good companion

Or simple fashion, or leisure with the sex, or elegant and decent, or fashionable fun, this is the charm of high-necked cashmere sweater! American writer Fran Lebowitz said: “I do not believe in God, I only believe cashmere”. If you have only one sweater in your wardrobe, make sure it’s cashmere! Maybe now you do not think so, but one day, you will love that feeling, and then do not want to take it off.

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