High-necked sweater is a necessity for the winter, but easy to wear rustic, or bloated. As both warm and beautiful family of a large practical single product, together to learn how to dress nice.


Rule one
Width is even more thin


Now a lot of high-necked sweaters are popular wool or loose style, itself relatively generous.


So the most fashionable way to wear is on the width of the narrow with the way, not only stylish and bloated first.


Loose sweater + pants with a very small daily pants, warm and comfortable and very thin.


Not show legs can also wear clothing with new tricks! Tight black turtleneck sweater + wide leg pants with a narrow width under the principle of sketching out the slim curve, the atmosphere is full of fashion sense!


black and white with, elegant and reveal a little naughty

Rule II
Loose high-necked face was small


Round face sister is the fear of the curse is a high collar was a big face! In fact, wearing a high collar can be turned to cover the face of magic! For example, high collar turned up to cover the face


Put part of the hair into the collar is also very small face.


Rule Three
Fine lines are more slender


Thick or plush sweater material for slim body wear, a strong warmth, will become fluffy warmth.


Thin wire material is more refined, can well outline the body’s curve.


Especially the waist line exposed, look fine and tall

how is it? Learn it?
Let’s wear the United States and the United States over the winter it!

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