Last month, Me and my friends talked about topic on how to wear clothes accordingly: different types of wear Guide (The beauty lady do not understand please read the blue words, and then review it again)

It is believed that most of the beauty lady are already fully aware of the importance of choosing the style , they practiced to head to the path of happiness.

Advanced muses, in addition to choosing the right style, in fact, the election to wear is the same important. The appropriate color can bring out the white delicate skin, so that the whole body in high spirits just like the attraction of muses.

Recognize the skin tone

Before choosing the right color, we need to know the tone of our skin. Most people know that our skin has yellow skin, white skin, but barely know about the tone (the skin tone) is an important classification of the skin, it is directly related to what color of skin with this problem.

Although each person’s skin tones vary widely, they can be roughly divided into two types: warm skin tone and cold skin tone. The skin tone is yellow, the body looks yellow, the skin tone is pink then it looks pink. The color of the human body varies from season to season, while skin tone remains the same.

We Asians skin are mostly yellow, is mainly warm tone, but not all are warm tone. For example, recently, in TV drama “ZHUILINGLONG” Liu Shishi” is cold skin tone.

And our big cousin, supermodel Liu Wen, is the warm skin tone.

How to identify warm and cold skin tone?

If you are not sure what kind of tone you are, you can identify your skin tone by the color of the blood vessel on your wrist.

Check if your wrist vascular color are blue or purple, then you are cold skin tone; partial green, then it is warm tone.

Of course, it could be olive or blue, purple and green. Congratulations. You are a neutral skin conditioner that can hold in any color.

What color is the warm and cold skin tone suitable for?

After you have result of the skin tone, you can find the color that suits you from the color palette below.

The colors in the warm area are all warm for the warm skin. And cool range of color, it is suitable for cold skin cool colors.

In short, warm skin tone of the people should choose warm colors (red and yellow) clothes, for example: as a warm skin tone “Fan Bingbing”, when dress pink compare to blue, warm pink look with bright white skin.

Similarly, cold tones should avoid warm colors. Liu Shishi is a typical cold skin beauty, wear blue, purple, these cool colors, skin translucent;

When wearing warm clothes, then the color turns to dark.

Cashmere family METTE recommended for you

The color wheel is various, if people can not find a suitable color to wear,  then please take care of  cashmere family METTE color wearing beautiful clothes.

NO.1 warm tone for the suitable color

Top: 7271013 Bottom: 7271007
The warm toned ladies should try to avoid the cold tone color, choose orange red, or similar pink, more lining. For example, wearing popular pale pink dogwood shirt, it is also fashionable.

Dress: 4271038

Warm caramel color, with a calm temperament. To show the demure charm of mature women, choose this one.

NO.2 cool skin for the suitable color

Dress: 3271053
Cold skin tone ladies is suitable for wearing cool colors clothes, such as blue violet series. Deep navy blue, in the hot summer, but also bring “cool” visual experience.

Dress: 3271016
In contrast to red color, purple is a noble cold color, elegant set off the pale and translucent skin, put it on, just like cold skin muses charming.

NO.3 all-match universal color: white

Top: 2272007 Bottom: 2271019
If you don’t want to exhausting your mind, wear an all-purpose color: a white suit. Fresh white, no matter whether you are cold skin tone or warm skin tone, you can easily control, highlight white in summer.

Top: 5271033 Bottom: 7271006

Tired of wearing dark trousers, then try a white trousers as background color, at the same time, summer travel more, reduce the decalescence effect, bring comfortable cool feeling.
PS: the color system has been introduced, and if you like, you can forward it to your friends and share it with her.
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