A long cardigan in a single product, can accompany you through the entire fall. From the early autumn cool to late autumn cold, a long knitted cardigan in the warm at the same time, can be handsome to the United States, the gas field full, outstanding temperament. Do not believe, you see, big coffee stars are wearing.

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Earlier, Ni Ni wearing a Gucci long black cardigan jacket, with simple white T-shirt, hole jeans, sunglasses cover, the overall leisure with the simple atmosphere. Delicate embroidery adds a sense of quality, the goddess is not only the high value of color, clothing is also praise!

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Ni Ni’s PW preference for simple atmosphere style, details of the design sense of clothes. Brown loose knitted cardigan, with a navy blue dress, the goddess of skin white appearance, superior temperament, casual concave shape will be able to spike the crowd. As the goddess said: “work must be enterprising, leisure should be naughty awkward.”

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Recently, Song Jia to an ultra-long white knitted chain cardigan coming out of the airport, with the national wind knitting chain package and national wind knit slippers, distinctive national wind element for the autumn warm tone adds a touch of bright color and Aura. Neat short hair, full of personality, black super-cover, it is revealed with the full handsome beauty Fan.

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Not long ago exposed wuli angel Liu Yifei wearing a rainbow knitted cardigan street shooting, take the simple white T, wearing loose jeans, wearing a baseball cap, fresh and by age, handsome and stylish. There is no angel’s side Yan Mei cry?

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Power is also a long cardigan favorite pink, PW card length of the high rate of appearance. Early to wear a red striped cardigan long, with white T, camel skirt, full-screen big legs, youth and fashion!

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This body camel knit cardigan, with long black letters shirt, showing the power of life casual casual side. Slim delicate handbag with the same color of high heels, seemingly casual yet elegant, highlighting the goddess of temperament.

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Autumn is up, our long sweater is time to wear up!

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Cashmere family METTE single product recommended

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Purple – brown V – neck cardigan
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When the soft skin-friendly cashmere, met a low-key gentle purple-brown, simple profile shape. Within the ride to choose white or the same color of the rendering and shorts, but also with dress. Showing mature and elegant temperament, so you are no longer in this autumn, monotonous shape.

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8264071 Sleeve Sleeve In Long Cardigan
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Free collar design, let this section more casual. Light gray to dark gray gradient, rhythmic rhythmic beauty. If you are also seeking minimalist dress style, then the low-key Western high-level gray, will be able to meet your needs.

Not pick the body, do not pick the age, easy to match, with a low-key luxury. In this romantic autumn, quietly feel the charm of gradual change, feel the temperature of cashmere. Long cardigan to wear, so you a new height of the United States!

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8264035 Red drop shoulder cardigan
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Large red cardigan, graceful, Hongyan, such as my long-standing passion. Breaking the silence of autumn and winter, add a hot and dynamic, with white or black pants wearing properly properly commute to the wind. Can also be used with white T, shorts, full strength, while now, red up!

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8264046 Lapel long cardigan overcoat Brick red / black
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This cardigan long coat, fashionable brick red enough to light the entire fall. Lapel design, simple atmosphere. Simple lines, modified body curve. Profile-shaped simple and generous, rough mad yet elegant.

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Geometric pattern with a long sweater, hit the bottom of the color design shirt, even more fashionable degrees. Can also be used with casual dress skirt, can be retro art, but also casual with the sex. What is still hesitant, and quickly start it!

Interesting, wild, comfortable, classic. We always switch between different roles, the sweet life of Fan, the workplace OL Fan. A long cardigan, highlighting the fashionable attitude of intellectual leisure, but also wear clothing with a low-key and elegant feminine qualities.

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