To find their own style of clothes, we must start looking from their own body, clothes look good, but not necessarily for you. Is very important to avoid weaknesses! First understand their body start.

Upper body thin, lower body fat

1, thighs, calf thick

Points: exposed thighs, cover the calf

Can wear clothes: short skirts (pants) + boots, tight bell-bottoms, long skirts.

Can not wear clothes: knee skirt, in the sub-pants.










2, thighs, thick calf
In this case,
Important: The entire leg is covered

Can wear clothes: long skirt (body / half body), wide leg pants, long harem pants, short skirts (pants) + boots can be appropriate to wear.

Can not wear clothes: tight-fitting bell-bottoms, knee-length skirt, in the sub-pants.









3, thighs, calf fine

Points: cover the thigh, exposed leg

Can wear clothes: knee skirt, short harem pants. Long skirt. Short skirt (trousers).

Thick thighs is not a little ugly, because the legs look good even if wearing short skirts shorts, the eyes of others is generally attracted to the calf.

Can not wear clothes: tight-fitting bell-bottoms.









Upper body fat, lower body thin

1, waist thin, thick arm

Points: cover arm

Can wear clothes: the sleeve shirt, the sleeve T shirt, bat shirt and so on. Plus sweater is a super effective means of arm cover, but to wear loose arm-style sweater, tight-fitting can not wear. High waist fitted.

Can not wear clothes: waist shirt, tight T-shirt, tight sling.









2, waist thick, fine arm

Points: cover the waist, exposed arm

Can wear clothes: straight skirt, Tube Top skirt, waist to a large elastic clothing, loose big T-shirt, tight-fitting sweater can wear, and the arm is fine to wear such a sweater is very nice.

Can not wear clothes: the waist of the clothes









Then say the color:

Where fat, where to try to wear dark!

Cool + Cool

Warm + warm

Cool + Middle Color

Warm + intermediate color

Middle color + middle color

Solid color + solid color

Solid color + variegated

Solid color + pattern

In this case,

According to your own body type, to avoid wearing their own body type does not match the clothes, do not recommend reading magazines, magazines are models, models are good, good body to wear what are good-looking. You see her wearing nice, you do not necessarily look good. To see who? Look at people with your body how to wear clothes.

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