Cashmere yarn is a finest cozy yarn, commonly knitted for cashmere sweater.

Yarn: from short fibers by spinning process, make short fiber is axially aligned and by twisting together.
Strands: composed of two or more than two twisted yarn made from the merger, and its strength, abrasion resistance than yarn, while the strands can be twisted by a certain way of merger, to give a multi-twisted strands.


Z-twist yarn generally.

Strands into: ZS (Z yarn twist, ply twist S; strands twist and yarn different twist), yarn structure stable, soft, shiny good; ZZ (Z yarn twist, ply Z twist; strands twist and yarn with twist), yarn structure is not stable, easy to kink, feel stiff, luster poor.

Yarn: Yarn and thread is referred to, by the textile fibers thin and flexible, and has a certain strength and linear density of the continuous strip.

According to yarn structure

1, the staple fiber yarn

It made of cotton, wool, linen, silk or chemical processing of short fiber made by spinning yarn.

Features: Structure fluffy, plump appearance, good heat resistance and comfort.

2, filament yarn

Processed by a filament made of yarn.
Features: smooth, uniform, shiny, high strength.

3, the composite yarn

Use two or more different traits of yarn or tow processed into a yarn. A composite effect and a special appearance.

According to the composition of the yarn fiber types

1, pure yarn, such as: cotton yarn, wool yarn, viscose yarn and so on.
2, blended yarn, such as: polyester 65/35 cotton, 50 polyester / cotton 33 / Jin 17.

By spinning, spinning way

1, according to the spinning points: carded yarn, combed yarn, thick yarn and so on.

2, according to the spinning method Score: ring yarn, spinning line, jet yarn, friction spinning line, electrostatic spinning line, compact spinning lines.

a, ring-spun yarn

Features: sliver ends of the grip, there is twisting triangle, twisting and winding is completed at the same time, the yarn structure is more compact, high yarn strength, less hairiness, high fiber straight.

b, spinning line

Features: fast spinning, yarn volume, wide adaptability, simple mechanism, no spindle, ring, bead advantages, and can exponentially increase yarn production. Spinning line evenness good, less hairiness, good wear resistance, but low yarn strength and elongation is large.

c, jet spinning line

Features: use of compressed air to produce a high-speed jet vortex false twisting yarn to impose, by wrapping, twisting and spinning. Jet spinning line almost untwisted yarn core, outsourcing random wrapped fiber, yarn loose, low strength.

According to the composition of a fiber length of yarn

Cotton yarn, wool yarn, long fiber type yarn.

The use according to yarn

1, woven yarn: min warp and weft two kinds.

2, knitting yarn: General requirements uniform thickness, twist smaller, less defects.

3, Fleece yarn: Requires fibers longer, twist small.

4, special industrial yarn: such as tire cord and so on.

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