When you are busy working on Powerpoint, Alaska cod is jumping out of the water; you stuck in the elevated way, Bali Island sea fish are cheerful surfing; you step into the fiery sun when people in Maldives have been enjoying the cool summer leisure time.

Life is not busy running, focusing on enjoying the different wonderful seconds. Scorching Summer, may as well give yourself a holiday, a trip to say let go, escape from the high temperature, taste every little bit of joy life.

Holiday travel, in addition to complete tourist Raiders, the choice of appropriate clothing is the most important. In your favorite place, with the most beautiful gesture engraved happiness moment, just don’t waste this trip.
Beach Jogging / romantic holiday style

The first place to think about going for a summer vacation is the beach. The romantic seaside air is moist, the sea breeze is cool, and the light steps on the delicate sand beach, or the soft waves lapping on the body, are graceful cool feeling and refreshing enjoyment.

One-piece Dress: 3271044
Seaside holiday, in addition to preparing swimsuit, a print series dress is to create elegant holiday style. Loose style + cool sense of dress brings an easy holiday experience.

Rash guards: 3260081

The beach is very strong UV, if you do not want to be tanning, it is necessary to prepare a printed rash guards. 100%, silk fabric, light and breathable, and more advantages of ultraviolet absorption.

Close to nature / comfortable casual wear

Scorching hot days, close to nature, get into the natural oxygen bar is also a good choice. Wandering in a green, fresh air, let forget the city of boredom, relaxed.

Coat: 5271006 Pants: 4271021

Step into nature, dress is not easy to travel. Hiking or climbing, you need a comfortable casual wear, slightly loose style, easy to make every action.

Coat: 3271001 Pants: 2272006

Linen fabric has the advantages of sweat absorption and air permeability. Wearing a linen trousers can not only prevent mosquitoes from biting, but also bring a sense of cool clothing, reducing pressure for the trip.

Exotic Elegant / national style

If you are familiar with the place without scenery, you may as well visit foreign countries and experience exotic customs. Water city, Venice, Sakura country, Japan, art capital, Paris. Which one is your favorite?

One-piece Dress: 2271027

Foreign tourism, in addition to the integration of folk customs, it is a different fashion with an elegant Chinese style presented in front of people. Oil painting art printing ink landscape revealed in the Chinese style, won people admiration.

The interest of the country / natural literary style

The life in the country, there is no dispute and anxiety of the city, like. In the quiet quiet village, strolling through fields full of small flowers, or picking natural vegetables and cooking a meal, is enough to make people move.

Dress: 4271037
The countryside, no need to deliberately cater to others, simple and comfortable is good. Loose embroidered dress, cool, breathable, lighter.

Coat: 4271048 Dresses: 4271047

Summer travel while free playing, also need to take care of your health. Before settling out, a thin cardigan is intimated response to unexpected cool weather and cold air conditioning.


Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be recycled
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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