Coats have been essential in the winter, but not just by the coat out, you need to find the right mix of coats and a single product to the charm of the coat to the limit. Scarves and coats is the most match of a single product, the style is not complicated it, men and women take-all! Which wild black is definitely the first choice, but bought to buy all black, really too modest shape it? , It is better to invest the following several!

In addition to black, you can choose what?

1. Cold-style high-level gray
If the winter coat are mainly dark, that a high gray scarf is your best choice. Wildness beyond imagination. The following figure two people wearing the same black coat, compared to the right, the left is not so boring?

And the combination of military green coat is also very handsome

Both cool and dark blue and light gray, take a touch of it touches a gentle

Dark Jacket + Gray Scarf This method of time-tested. Of course, if you want to rise a height, you can try gray ongrey, different depths of different materials, gray single product portfolio together, the “advanced gray” to the limit

2 warm camel scarf
If the cold style is not your style, perhaps camel scarf can send you a touch of warmth

With the principle of compliance with the two, one is the depth of color, such as black with camel, or gray with camel, are never wrong way

The second is the same color with the camel beige white, these colors mix and match the gentle and generous

3. British retro style of the grid scarf

Speaking of lattice scarf, which really great knowledge. The history of the light Scottish lattice can tell a “history of the British Empire”, because behind each Scottish lattice represents a Scottish family, the combination of different colors are not the same grid name

Scottish lattice is far more than that, but we do not have to know, just remember the fourth row of the last RoyalStewart like. The red and green pattern you see most often is the Royal Queen, the Stewart family from the Queen of England

Plaid scarf with a very easy to change the rustic, if you plaid scarves color saturation is high, then the rest of the body to obediently choose insurance black bar

Do not like too dark, then simply choose this large area stitching, enough to steal the mirror! But do not take another ride inside the other colors

If that flower grid too much trouble, that black and white grid is the worry is not wrong choice!

4. Cold sweater scarf
Before the fall of a very popular thin scarf in this season is a little less than the top with zero! Sweater scarves to make the neck from the cold winds.

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