Cashmere family METTE cashmere underwear crowdfunding event since its inception
Has been continuously sought after by new and old customers
Often lead to production can not keep up the orders with the speed
The crowdfunding campaign is now over
Today is the last day!
After 5th January 22pm
This year’s cashmere underwear crowdfunding will be officially terminated
Friends who need to buy
Please seize the last few hours and quickly order it!
The highest price of 1780RMB cashmere underwear
It is available at 520RMB  at Crowdfunding price!
Reminder! !
Due to crowdfunding orders number is still huge
Production delivery speed will be affected
After the order, the delivery time may be delayed
Please wait patiently ~


Round neck simple women models


Round neck pumping female models


Round neck simple men


Why cashmere underwear so popular by the public?
Here is the answer



It’s light, thin, warm
When you remember the moment wearing baby cashmere underwear
You will immediately feel the warmth from the cashmere and caring
Let the storm beating window
You can be proud to say
I feel warm
Baby Cashmere underwear
Your sweet companion in winter
Like the little friends
Take advantage of crowdfunding event last day, quickly order it!

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