To temperature, but also to grace,
This season is most worthy of investment profile silhouette coat.

Elegant cocoon shape
Simple straight cylindrical shape
Improved A-shape
The three main contours are different
Which one do you fit?

One of the profile shape: cocoon type  coat
The middle of the expansion, two tightened oval, elegant and playful sense of the coexistence of silhouette, almost for any size. The key is color selection. If you want to wear out dignified and elegant style, you can choose black, camel gray and other classic colors. If you want a sense of fashionable playful, then choose a shorter paragraph and the more bright the color the better, such as hit color.

Color is very atmospheric cocoon coat, using the most popular camel, version type is very nice, classic design is still fashionable. To believe that the classic forever.


This woolen coat gives us not only warm, but also stylish and elegant. Perhaps no neighbor girl with affinity, but it is elegant and noble atmosphere, transformed into the existence of the goddess.


Very beautiful colors, bright spots in the winter, fashion sense of playful no doubt filling. Coat length is moderate, small girls can fully prop up.


Simple and good sense to wear big, this version of the type with a deep camel and red is very temperament, simple with sweaters, dresses, leggings, backing socks is very fashionable, long section of the design has just exposed the body’s most thin legs, Was thin and feminine, at the same time with cost-effective and good quality, had to love.


Profile of the two: H-coat
H-type is actually a straight coat, as enduring neutral section, this line outline is often shown masculine side, especially double-breasted navy coat, wear it is always handsome pressing. But in the coat outside the beam belt, it becomes a feminine wear law.

With retro style and college style, to break the winter boring sense. Slim version of the type, a little more capable, less a bloated, so tall and small girls can wear clothing with a charming gas field.


Very engaging military green, long design, very retro, great taste, put on behind the whole person feels different, to the Queen, to art, with your own control.


The same is a lace coat, pink and beige is more soft, wearing a great temperament.


Profile of the three: A-type coat
A-type coat, as the name implies, on the narrow width of the profile-shaped, full of retro feel. But also cover the body of the weapon, especially for lower body fat girl. If the coat’s hem is large enough, but also piercing the cloak effect. You only need to wear a small round hat, you can shape the last century, the fifties and sixties aristocratic style

Wardrobe must not be less out of such a beautiful red woolen coat. The overall design is really beautiful, was thin effect, can be used with a temperament hat.


Long section of the A-type coat, a large hem with the effect of the cloak! Cuffs stitching the fur, put on this coat, with a full queen gas field!


Button to select the leather buckle, instantly feel very fresh design point. The light gray beautiful collar with a natural raccoon fur is carefully selected, the overall color atmosphere elegant, slightly smaller version of the type A shape, very cute.

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