In the summer of high-temperature exposure, basic white T+ hot pants seemed to be the most common choice for the pursuit of comfortable clothing.

However, the open wardrobes are full of simple white T-shirts, and each day is struggling with several short Ts and falls into a cycle of “no clothes to wear”, and the aesthetic begins to fatigue.

If you want to wear fashion, it is a good choice to dress up with the fashion colors.

Almost every year, Pantone, a global color authority, will summarize the colors used by fashion designers in their seasonal products, and announce fashion week fashion reports for the next year.

Of course, in addition to the show field, the street beats of major fashion bloggers at home and abroad are also a good reference for reference.

Let’s take a look at this year’s “looks high-end” pop colors!

Sailor Blue

2018 Parsons, Christian Siriano y Jill Stuart

In the colors of the spring and summer of 2018, Mariner Blue is a stable color of great heat.

Whether it is a large-area hit or blue mix, Sailor Blue can perfectly manage.

Unlike the light-colored boy blue, the dark sailor blue has a deep, ocean-like charm, while simultaneously possessing a unique retro character.



Cherry Tomato

Givenchy 2018 Spring-Summer Advanced Clothing Collection

The red is like the apex of the cinnabar, brilliant and eye-catching, people dreaming and forgetting. Red is also a representative color of China, strong retro.

Givenchy2018 spring and summer advanced clothing series uses a lot of red, or the main color or embellishment or collocation.

Cherry tomatoes are slightly reddish orange, bright and vibrant.

A large area of red can be matched with low-key black and white, wild look. The local red has a good embellishment effect, provocative and eye-catching.

Fashionable talent will not miss this opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink – “New York Magazine” directly refers to pink, which is almost completely submerged, as the “millennium powder”. It properly classifies it as a unique color belonging to millennials. “This is a cheesy, sincere, modern and nostalgic color. .”

When I mentioned pink in the old days, I always linked it to the Barbie dolls. The powder was tender and tender, and the girls burst out.

In recent years, many thousand appearances have appeared in major showgrounds, architectural designs, and movies. From small jewelry accessories to architectural designs, the magic of pink has infected more and more fashion people.

As pink trends have grown, pink has now become a very “cool” color.

It’s time for the wardrobe to change its face.

Let’s put aside the white wild items that we have seen so far to try a new color.

Sometimes a little bit of careful attention to color can create a new style.


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