Remove bloated winter clothing
Meet the light and bright sunshine
With the romantic atmosphere of spring
Awaken your heart
Use beautiful new clothes for yourself
Open new fashion door


Whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter
Pink items will not be absent
It’s refreshing and elegant
Its color always brings a peaceful and peaceful mood
A simple bow tie as the finishing touch
Add a playful sense


Whose wardrobe does not have one or two delicate lace items
An upscale lace piece is not only an expression of exquisite life
Can better show women’s elegant gesture
Designers pick and choose from numerous lace yarns
Feel delicate and smooth, light and elegant, high-grade yarn that is not easily wrinkled
After a rigorous weaving process
Weaving a beautiful flower pattern
Re-embossed lines add visual height
Create a more elegant and slender figure


Inspired by European retro art
Blending classical Chinese elegance
Create a more elegant and stylish clothing style
Vibrant tulips
Blooming with a charming fragrance
Spontaneous 100% silk dress
Characterize in soft colors
More refined and gentle female images


Even the different models of the same series
Also in the details
Depicting chic and popular elements
A cheongsam neckline and cuff design that distinguishes it from a short paragraph
Long neckline and cuffs have been added
The very popular pleated ruffled elements of the season
In terms of details, compared with the warm and steady feeling of the short paragraph
The long section shows more exploration and pursuit of novelty


The temperature difference between morning and evening in early spring is relatively large
A vest knit dress to help you spend the cool morning and evening
Designer redefines the style of the vest
Bringing the ever-popular webbing elements into fashion
Then cut the traditional vest and stitch it
Finally we present a brand new image of the vest.
No sense of restraint in traditional vest
Its lightness and comfort show cashmere family METTE
“Pursuit of fashion, more freedom and comfort”


In the season of flowers
Show yourself the most beautiful


Cashmere Family METTE
The above new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to shop selection



Italian-style design based on simple and stylish
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high quality raw materials
Remanufactured with strict environmental standards
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
An urban elite that aims to pursue a quality of life
Provide comfortable commuting experience

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